Saturday, May 9, 2009

Won a Giveaway!

Over on the Wendi Winn blog, Barefoot Bath and Body was featured for all her great bath and body products. Of course I entered her giveaway for the most-generous prize-pack, and was SO HAPPY to get the email that I'd won. Check out the fantastic loot that came my way......"Lavendar Cucumber Sage" bar soap, "Cucumber Melon" lip balm, and "Cut Grass" solid perfume. Since today is Saturday, I'm getting ready to mow the backyard so I dotted on the perfume and it really does smell like cut grass, but it has a little floral tinge to it too - or at least my nose is telling me that. This is my first try of solid perfumes and I can still smell the light, springtime scent. I'm a happy girl. :-)

Some other products in her shop that will lure me in include:

Amber Solid Perfume, Raspberry Vanilla Soap, and Cocoa Butter Soap


  1. i'm glad you won, olive!

    watch out for my friend kimmy kim kim. she still believes the prize pack should have gone to her.

    if she bothers you, tell her you'll cut a sliver of each item and mail them to her in separate baggies. that may hold her off for a while.

    enjoy! and thanks again for playing!

  2. (pssst...that was my prize to win. just sayin'...)

    um. congrats.

    she told me to say that.

  3. How cool! that's a great haul and fun products!

  4. How Lucky for you! but then again I already knew you were a winner ~ Enjoy your booty!

  5. Congratulations!!!
    you're a lucky girl!


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