Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Words from a 3 Year Old....

Part I
Little Olive: "Mommy...let's play princess and prince charming.  You be prince charming"

LO lays on the floor and is sleeping....'you're supposed to come wake her up with a kiss'

Me: "Oh, let me see if this beautiful princess will wake with a kiss"....kiss and wakes...

LO: Pretend talking but no sound.......

Me: "Oh no!  How come you cannot speak princess?"

LO: whispers....."I'm on MUTE Mommy"

Part II
Getting ready for bed....

LO: "Let's play the animal game.  Let's name 20 animals"

naming starts....

Mommy: "Number 12 is a Cheetah"

LO: "Mommy....a Cheeto is not an animal.....it's a snack....a snack with cheese"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will We Learn? Feeling Better...

Mr. Olive and I had been so super-excited - until, as you've read, we were punched in the gut.  What was the problem, you say? Well....a week ago we thought we would be on our way to pick up a little baby boy to add to our 3.5-member family (I'm giving the dog the half!). We have struggled for seven years to have our newlywed-ideal of 3 children. We are surely blessed to have the one we have - and she is a true gem - but we always thought we'd have more children.  Alas, it was not in my cards.  After so many years and disappointments, we discussed adoption.  It made us nervous and excited at the same time, but frankly, the huge expense and daunting process with no 'guarantee', gave us pause.  We always said "if it were meant to be, it will be". 

So what happened??  It felt like our Hollywood moment with the heavens opened up and the golden sunshine from God raining down on our little family......we happened upon a circumstance where a little baby boy was going to need a stable, secure, loving home.  We were so lucky to be considered and then informed that we'd get the little bundle.  Since we hadn't planned to adopt, and the little baby was due in early March, we didn't have alot of time to get all we needed.  We scrambled to get everything in order, not only on the legal-side, but also the home-side. We wanted to make sure the birth-parents were sure before we became so invested and were assured they were all-in. February brought the ultrasound for due date and gender - a BOY!!  Hooray!! - and still we asked if prepared to continue moving forward. March rolled around - we got all our baby gear out of storage, bought new clothes, stocked up on diapers and formula, and I guess I don't really need to say the end result. Labor started on a Saturday night - I went to bed early bc of all the last-minute prep we did - and Sunday morning the rug was pulled out from under us.

The birth-parents are young, but no matter how young, there is no excuse to send a TEXT message to the family that you told would be adopting your child, to inform that you've changed your mind. And it was nothing like 'we cannot bear to give up our child and please know how sorry we are to have put you through preparation, hope, expense, and emotional turmoil over our changed decision'. It was exactly "sorry for the late notice, but we decided to keep the baby".

That was it. Nice.

Since we're both still pretty bruised, over the weekend Mr. Olive said "Let me tell you a story.....There is this man who goes up to a house and rings the doorbell.  The owner opens the door, punches the man in the face, and shuts the door.  The man rings the bell again....answer....punch....shut.  Ring....answer.....punch....shut. Ring....answer....punch...shut.  When does the man stop ringing the bell?"  You all know the point he's making.  Part of me thinks this disappointment was worse than others because there was actually a living being on the other end, not just a failed test result, although we always knew there was a chance of a changed-mind.  I think the man stops ringing the bell once he's lost hope of not getting the punch. 

So, I'm done wallowing inself-pity.  No more 'sad sad' posts for this girl.  BUT now that we have a home study and a closet full of diapers and formula....feel free to contact us if anyone knows of a baby in need of a great family!!  ha ha

I also want to thank my fantastic blog friends who've left me cheery bits last week - each one made me smile.  A bonus TU to WendiWinn - who gave me the Sunshine Award because she knew I needed a little bit extra last week.  And if you haven't read her blog....skip on over to it....she cracks me up.
I'd like to bestow the Sunshine Award on Ilena at Have You Seen My Dragon?  because she needs some too.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Sunday.....and GIVEAWAY Winner

What a week! I'm so happy it is over.  Mr. Olive and I are watching the NCAA tourney.  He is a Duke grad so needless to say, Little Olive is already programmed to say she's going to Duke.  *sigh*  I've learned to just go along with him, knowing she'll be a Bucknell Bison at the end of the day. ;-)

One great thing about living in the NYC-metro area is taking mass transit.  It is always such a delight - New Yorkers love to bitch about the fact that the service continues to get worse while the cost continues to increase.  Being a mass-transit rider, my Metrocard (used for the subway system) ran out of funds.  It was a small feat that my card actually went to a 'zero' balance since the fare ususally leaves some amount of money less-than a ride's cost.  Lucky me - a metrocard brought down to zero!  I decided to get a new card instead of refilling my old one.  Leave it to the MTA to give me a bright spot to my dark week - - here is what the back of my card says: 

Also getting back to normal, I decided to make a new recipe for dinner - I don't think my result will look like this, but I'm certainly trying to make "Garlic Braised Chicken with Olives and Mushrooms" - minus the mushrooms and with black instead of green olives....what can I say, I never seem to follow the rules.

Last but not least - and the part everyone has been waiting with baited breath all week - the giveaway winner!  Through "Random.org" with 22 valid entries.....the winner is #9 - Ramblin Mama - Congrats!!  The giveaway was alot of fun....I may do another sometime soon.  Stay tuned sports fans...........


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Result: 9
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sun came out today....and it brought a root canal

So the weatherman was right - the sun did come out today and temps got into the mid-60s.  It was a beautiful "spring" day, one meant for the park or a walk on the beach. 

Instead, based on the sadness I still feel from the weekend's events - and I promise to fill in soon, but just cannot write about it now - I celebrated with having a root canal done.  Last Friday, after our washing machine spewed water and the repair cost a pretty penny, I headed to the dentist with what I thought was a cracked old filling in need of repair.  I was told "Oh no - the filling is still there, but it was a part of your tooth that fell out.  You need a root canal and then posts for a crown.  And I suggest you get it done ASAP". 

"But but but - Mr. Dentist - we may have to be out of town for a couple weeks on a big exciting family event!"

Sunday - No big family event to happen.  Monday - crawl into work and call for appointment.  Tuesday - 9am root canal and day spent wallowing in self-pity in bed.  Co-pay for a root canal is not the $10 standard either...more like 23x that.  And the work isn't done yet.

*sigh*  Going to go read my daughter a book - throbbing head and all.

I figured, while I already felt crappy, why not feel totally crappy and get the root canal done.  Maybe I'll be feeling more cheery as the week progresses- supposed to remain in the 60s and sunny.  I need to sit and feel it on my face.

OH- I am doing the giveaway this week.  Someone please tell me a funny story to lift my spirits!  I so need it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

After the Storm....and a Giveaway for my 100th Post

It's been awhile since I've posted...we've had alot going on this past month.  I was saving my 100th post for some great news and my "100th Post Giveaway", but life doesn't always turn out as expected.  It somehow feels appropriate that yesterday our area was in the midst of another Nor'Easter (this one with higher temps and rain instead of snow) - the turmoil and craziness mirroring our lives these past few weeks - only to wake up this morning to calmer winds, rains, and seas, which seemed to bring with it the answer to our personal situation.  While the down electric lines, trees, and fences, need repairing - so do we, but we know the sun will be out on Tuesday. :-)

We took a walk up to the Ocean.  The waves are huge and of course, there are some crazy surfers out in the 36-degree water.  Some pics that do not do justice to the waves.....

I do have some things to be happy about - we got two quilt orders, two light blanket sales, and a lovely Estyer bought one of my favorite button bags.  I also finished Mr. Olive's tee-shirt quilt - he has it on our bed. 

GIVEAWAY:  Since my blog one-year anniversary was earlier this year and I didn't have my act together for a giveaway...I thought the 100th post would also be a good time.  I'm going to give away my little "Red Baron" handbag, as seen in my shop, but the button is GOLD on the giveaway bag.  To enter is simple:

** Follow my blog and make a comment.......to get a second entry:
** Go to my Etsy shop Olive Street Studio and tell me your favorite item.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.  All entries received by noontime on Sunday, March 21st will be valid for the random selection.  Winner will be chosen Sunday night.  

Have a good week.....