Tuesday, April 27, 2010

T-Shirt Quilt: Sorority Days and Ear Issues

A quick post because I'm falling-over tired, but since I have taken the picture and sent it to the customer, I thought I'd post it here too.  The quilt will end up measuring 58" square once completed...it is pictured here on my queen-size bed.  We're going to border and back it in a medium pink.  More to come....

Happy Tuesday everyone!  It really was a happy day for me and a big relief of nagging worry - see, back in February, my left ear clogged and I thought it was just the end of my cold.  Until it started ringing, I heard 'double' and digital-sounding voices.  Very weird - but then I needed a root canal and the dentist thought the ear was the likely victim of the infected tooth nerve.  When the nerve proved to be a-ok, my cause for concern rose.  Off to the ENT I went - to have him prescribe 2 weeks of steroids and then an MRI to "rule out a benign tumor".  Don't get me started on that statement - but the bottom line, my MRI was yesterday and it was clean.  :-D  So even though my left ear isn't hearing perfectly anymore, it is way better than what could have been the result.  So I was happy today - and also think the sleepless nights of weekend worry have caught up to me.  Hence, the falling-over tired opening line. :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue Chenille Owls

We got a request for a blue chenille owl pillow, which will be part of a baby shower gift, so here are the results.  More will follow as we get prepared for the few summer fairs we do.

The flock.....

Pastel animal print flannel wings with lime green and blue:
Green and blue wavy cotton fabric wings with yellow:
Yellow and blue stripe flannel wings with blue and yellow:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In: April Results

Since I had the reminder from the blog-host Handmade by Heidi, I got all set up for a Friday night of sewing.  I got this flamingo bag and two blankets finished.

Flamingo Bags:  I had two scraps of this fabric, and each was big enough to make one bag.  I wanted to finish the navy one, but didn't have blue straps, so that one will have to wait.  The tan, sage, sky blue is finished and I love the pink ribbon tie to give it a pop of color.   

Monkey Face Blanket:  I needed to make another blue nursery rhyme blanket so that is done, but I also had this new cotton monkey-face fabric with sage and mustard yellow polkadots.  I made a light blanket with a lime-green minky stripe back. 
Beach Totes:  I made good progress on the reversible beach totes, but didn't get any finished.  I took a picture of the completed inside pockets.  Outsides and cell pockets were all sewn in, but since they are not done or turned, they don't make for anything to look at just yet.

I'm anxious to finish more projects so hoping to get back up there later in the afternoon after the regular house-crap is done.  Happy Saturday!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Orchid Love and Sales!

I haven't recently posted pictures of my orchids, but here are some that have bloomed.....

We also got a few other sales! Two boy gifts - one for a flannel quilt and one for a monkey stroller blanket...a girl Nursery Rhyme stroller blanket. We also got a custom request for a floral bag and a request for a blue chenille owl. The owls are in process, so those pics will follow, but here is the new monkey blanket and the bag.

Tomorrow night I joined the "Friday Night Sew In" - I've tried to participate for the past 2 months, but got sidetracked.  I'm determined to join in tomorrow night - and I have projects all set up - namely, finishing up more totes for the six-bag order. :-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

FABRIC! And a big reversible tote bag order

If you are like me and like to sew, it is hard not to be automatically addicted to fabric.  I have way too much of it and I need to get using instead of stock-piling.  But, even with all the great fabrics I have, I had a convenient excuse to go buy more.....an order for 6 of the Seaside reversible tote bags.  One of my first friends from college and I, even though she transferred after sophomore year, have remained friends through the past 20 years.  She saw the bags and would like for one for herself, a few gifts, and to give to her daughters' teachers for end-of-school gifts.  But, I only have enough fabric for four bags so off to the store I went.  It must be a popular fabric because the store was all-out, so I got a few other combos, one of which is the complement in pinks, greens, and browns....take a look at what I grabbed...I left the cutting board in some pics to show the design scale:
Blue and Green Wave


Bermuda Beach
I also have this harlequin fabric that I paired with a damask - it is a dusty blue and brown and I couldn't resist......

What about this Summer Green damask and Grass stripe?
Finally- some pictures of completed totes in a classic french countryside mustard yellow and french blue toile that reverses to a beige and french blue scroll with the "modern floral" tote and mini bag in the background.  And a hunter green and beige toile that reverses to a check.....
What do you think?