Tuesday, April 27, 2010

T-Shirt Quilt: Sorority Days and Ear Issues

A quick post because I'm falling-over tired, but since I have taken the picture and sent it to the customer, I thought I'd post it here too.  The quilt will end up measuring 58" square once completed...it is pictured here on my queen-size bed.  We're going to border and back it in a medium pink.  More to come....

Happy Tuesday everyone!  It really was a happy day for me and a big relief of nagging worry - see, back in February, my left ear clogged and I thought it was just the end of my cold.  Until it started ringing, I heard 'double' and digital-sounding voices.  Very weird - but then I needed a root canal and the dentist thought the ear was the likely victim of the infected tooth nerve.  When the nerve proved to be a-ok, my cause for concern rose.  Off to the ENT I went - to have him prescribe 2 weeks of steroids and then an MRI to "rule out a benign tumor".  Don't get me started on that statement - but the bottom line, my MRI was yesterday and it was clean.  :-D  So even though my left ear isn't hearing perfectly anymore, it is way better than what could have been the result.  So I was happy today - and also think the sleepless nights of weekend worry have caught up to me.  Hence, the falling-over tired opening line. :-)


  1. What a nice job you guys do with your quilts.
    I hope your ear feels right soon, I am glad though that the result of the test was good.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. that quilt is awesome.

    also. yuck. an mri! glad the results were all clear. sorry you can't hear well! <--- i just yelled that at you.

  3. what a great idea & quilt! lovely job :D

  4. Great news ~ glad the mri went well! The quilt looks wonderful too!

  5. I'm anxious to work with you on planning a quilt! Sorry to hear about your ear trouble, hope it corrects itself very soon. You have a great blog. I really like those new chenille owls. Hope you sell a lot of them!


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