Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In: April Results

Since I had the reminder from the blog-host Handmade by Heidi, I got all set up for a Friday night of sewing.  I got this flamingo bag and two blankets finished.

Flamingo Bags:  I had two scraps of this fabric, and each was big enough to make one bag.  I wanted to finish the navy one, but didn't have blue straps, so that one will have to wait.  The tan, sage, sky blue is finished and I love the pink ribbon tie to give it a pop of color.   

Monkey Face Blanket:  I needed to make another blue nursery rhyme blanket so that is done, but I also had this new cotton monkey-face fabric with sage and mustard yellow polkadots.  I made a light blanket with a lime-green minky stripe back. 
Beach Totes:  I made good progress on the reversible beach totes, but didn't get any finished.  I took a picture of the completed inside pockets.  Outsides and cell pockets were all sewn in, but since they are not done or turned, they don't make for anything to look at just yet.

I'm anxious to finish more projects so hoping to get back up there later in the afternoon after the regular house-crap is done.  Happy Saturday!

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