Monday, December 28, 2009

The end of the year.....

How fast did 2009 go? I feel like it was yesterday that I embarked on my New Year's resolution of starting a blog. Where I fretted I wouldn't have time, I did find it hard to post at times, but also found it nice to get thoughts and new creatives down on 'paper'. I also feel like I made a whole lot of Blog-friends all across the country...from Rambler in Hawai'i, to Just Be Happy in Wasington, to If I Had A Hammer in Albuquerque, to Country Girl and Hollyrocks in Oklahoma, to Have you seen my Dragon in my own state of New York - albeit, she is up in the beautiful Adirondacks. I look forward to reading about their lives and comparing mine and my situations. So to all of you who've read me or popped by with a comment or two, THANKS....I look forward to starting out a new year and decade!

Cheers! Jennifer

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm heading to work tomorrow and then directly out-east for Christmas Eve dinner. Followed by an overnight at my parents - where my brother and his family from Jacksonville will also be staying. We each have a young daughter so we're both leaving notes at our respective homes to direct Santa to Babcie and Dzaidzi's house. My patience has been short these past few weeks, so I'm looking for the 'work' part of Christmas to be over, and the enjoyment part to begin. Witnessing the belief in Santa has been amazing....I am taking her lead.

Also wanted to include some pics of the snow we had last Saturday night - we don't have a sled, but improvised. :-)

Merry Christmas everyone. May the star brightly shine for you at this time of year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Night....and still a lot to do....and other meaningless stuff

Hola- It's Sunday night after a blizzard almost did in Long Island. I say almost bc we did get about 18" of snow, but it started much later than the 10am prediction - hello 4pm?? And ended by 8am, when predicted for 11am. The snow just fell fast and furious. Hubby did all the shoveling - and I made up for lost baking time last weekend when I was taken out by a cold. So here I sit after a batch of Snickerdoodles, Chocolate White Chip, and Oatmeal Scotchies cookies - and then made a new recipe of Salsa Verdi chicken (and it was suprisingly good - I'm not a great cook).

The Giants: Grrrrr Philly and Dallas. But now I don't have to stay up until midnight for Monday Night Football. So aggravating.

Movies: As I wrote in a previous post, we were set to watch some movies a few weekends ago. We watched SAW - Surprisingly good!! Not too gory!! And another oe that my brain cannot recall. Last weekend we watched WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS - Is Cameron Diaz a bad actress to anyone else besides me? and HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU - which we both enjoyed - and agreed that we don't see the appeal of Scarlet Johanssen.

Twilight Book: I FINALLY finished it - I started it the week after Veteran's day and finished 12/17. I have to say, I didn't love it. I didn't find Bella to be a believable character - in fact, there was next to nothing on character build. I couldn't buy that all these guys in Forks were tripping over themselves when she seemed unfriendly, moody, and scowls all the time. The end finally had some action going, but it was not the "can't put it down" book that I heard it would be. I'll read New Moon and the others, but I'm in no rush. I did talk to a woman on the train one night and she had the same problem as me. Whew - I'm not alone!

Tomorrow starts a 2 day in-the-office week. Nice! I'll still be working from home, but thankful to not have to schlep into NYC.

I know, I'm just FULL of happiness tonight! :-0 Sorry....12 hours of sleep and a nice cup of cava should do me right. Happy Sunday Night!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's 6:20am....Heading to the stores

I never thought I'd be going to shop so early. But, I have been awake since 5:15. The strange thing? I'm exhausted! My FT job has been busy busy, as always, and I'm not complaining because I really do like going to work and wish I had more time to spend there. I guess my boss recognized since I was promoted this week - although being who I am, and knowing how much I do NOT get done, I feel it isn't deserved. But, I count my blessing given the current state of the economy.

So - WHY am I up so early and heading out? Last weekend when I thought I'd get alot done, found me holed-up in the house with a cold. The weather turned bitter, so I felt it was OK to stay in - "I can shop next weekend". I also didn't bake because I didn't think the neighbors or my family would appreciate me passing out cookies made with a constantly running nose. I know - EEWWWWW. Which brings me to yesterday, when husband announed, 'did you know we're supposed to have a blizzard on Saturday into Sunday? Up to a foot of snow?'

Uh, NO I didn't not - because I've been a zombie this week getting home late and up extra early for work, and not paying attention to the news. Therefore, I'm going to be one of those crazy people heading to the stores at ungodly hours to make sure there are gifts for all - well, at least the kid and nieces and nephews.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Treasury: Sieber Designs

Aviva over at Sieber Designs included my Fall Flowers dress in her Treasury of "Best Gifts under $25". I was in Oklahoma City when she secured a spot, so I wasn't able to make a copy of it to post, but regardless, I wanted to say "Thank You" for selecting one of our items.

I also found some really nice things from her shop to post here. Take a look....and visit her to see more great quilting items! Thanks Aviva!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Church Fair, Gingerbread Houses, and Movie Night

First off - Happy December! I cannot believe were in the last month of the year. Is time flying for anyone else?? Last week I went to Oklahoma City for work. Just an overnight trip, but it isn't an easy flight to/from NYC. The one non-stop was sold out. Need I say more?

It's Saturday night after a busy Saturday day - I took the daughter to a Christmas Fair at the church and video-ed her dancing with Santa. I also managed some Christmas gifts that were exactly what I was looking for! A puzzle for my grandmother - and 'cats in a tree' picture - perfect for her! for $2 (brand new but old) and 4 hardcover suspense books for my hubby (all recently released and $0.50/each). I also managed a scarf for myself - the most expensive at $10 (but all proceeds go to the church). Afterward, Ryan and my niece Daisy made gingerbread houses. I bought a kit thinking it would be so easy - and quite the opposite. My mom resorted to cutting an orange juice container, slapping on vanilla icing, and giving the girls sugar wafers to add to the decorative candies. They are happy girls, but not necessarily 'centerpiece' results. :-) But we're going to use them anyway.

Lastly, I came home to a hubby that made dinner - it was Zatarans garlic and herb rice and chicken. He said "it's from a box" and I said "you cooked - we didn't order in - and it isn't frozen pizza - it's fantastic!" We're now gearing up for a movie and ice cream. Our options are 1) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2) SAW, or 3) I Love You, Man. We're going with SAW firsy and if we cannot take it- will switch to the comedy. We cannot believe there are something like 6 SAW movies! It must be doing something right...