Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Night....and still a lot to do....and other meaningless stuff

Hola- It's Sunday night after a blizzard almost did in Long Island. I say almost bc we did get about 18" of snow, but it started much later than the 10am prediction - hello 4pm?? And ended by 8am, when predicted for 11am. The snow just fell fast and furious. Hubby did all the shoveling - and I made up for lost baking time last weekend when I was taken out by a cold. So here I sit after a batch of Snickerdoodles, Chocolate White Chip, and Oatmeal Scotchies cookies - and then made a new recipe of Salsa Verdi chicken (and it was suprisingly good - I'm not a great cook).

The Giants: Grrrrr Philly and Dallas. But now I don't have to stay up until midnight for Monday Night Football. So aggravating.

Movies: As I wrote in a previous post, we were set to watch some movies a few weekends ago. We watched SAW - Surprisingly good!! Not too gory!! And another oe that my brain cannot recall. Last weekend we watched WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS - Is Cameron Diaz a bad actress to anyone else besides me? and HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU - which we both enjoyed - and agreed that we don't see the appeal of Scarlet Johanssen.

Twilight Book: I FINALLY finished it - I started it the week after Veteran's day and finished 12/17. I have to say, I didn't love it. I didn't find Bella to be a believable character - in fact, there was next to nothing on character build. I couldn't buy that all these guys in Forks were tripping over themselves when she seemed unfriendly, moody, and scowls all the time. The end finally had some action going, but it was not the "can't put it down" book that I heard it would be. I'll read New Moon and the others, but I'm in no rush. I did talk to a woman on the train one night and she had the same problem as me. Whew - I'm not alone!

Tomorrow starts a 2 day in-the-office week. Nice! I'll still be working from home, but thankful to not have to schlep into NYC.

I know, I'm just FULL of happiness tonight! :-0 Sorry....12 hours of sleep and a nice cup of cava should do me right. Happy Sunday Night!


  1. I'm not a fan of Cameron Diaz either.
    Glad to hear you were able to bake, that's something I enjoy doing very much.
    Have a greeat week!

  2. i loved the twilight books. don't tell anyone. mainly because i'm in my mid 30s.

    merry christmas!

  3. You're certainly not the only one I've heard of who didn't go crazy over Twilight. I got completely strung out on the books, and couldn't put them down at all. But in my opinion, the latter two books are by far the best. That's when the story really picks up. Hope you have a wonderful, cozy season!

  4. W - not to worry - your secret is safe! I'm in my early 40s. :-0

    Holly- I have heard that books 3 and 4 are significantly better. I'll definitely give the remaining 3 a read!


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