Wednesday, April 29, 2009

GIVEAWAY: If I Had A Hammer

Hello Sportsfans! One of my favorite bloggers is having a giveaway of one of her gorgeous necklaces. Here are two other beauties from her shop.

And while I'm secretly hoping that I am the winner of her giveaway, you can see the fantastic prize and enter to win on her blog "If I Had A Hammer"


Saturday, April 25, 2009

I've been tagged with "8 Things".....

I have been tagged by Margaret over at Country Girl......So here goes:

8 things I'm looking forward to...
1. Saturday and Sunday!
2. My parents coming back from 3 months in Florida next weekend
3. A friend's annual "Crawfish Boil Party" in mid-May, even tho I don't wat the little critters, hubby does
4. Opening the beach house and heading out to Fire Island for another season (this is the family's 29th year with the house. SOOOO glad my parents bought it!! FI is such a special place to grow up)
5. Our 7 year anniversary (not doing anything big, but happy we made it to 7 years - it hasn't always been easy...)
6. The Fair Harbor Pine Walk Fair - our first fair of the year and we have new wagon t-shirts being made up. Also excited to put out the new sundresses and light blankets.
7. Making my garden bigger and landscaping our front yard. We don't get a whole lot of land in Long Beach, but hubby agreed to carve out some more bed from the lawn - ulterior motive: He then has less to mow. :-0
8. Potential for pursuing adoption - Hubby and I to discuss....wish me luck!!!

8 things I did yesterday...
I was off from work on my flex-Friday (I work a 5-day week followed by a 4-day week - it is a SWEET set-up) and hubby is visiting my brother and his family in Jacksonville, FL.....

1. Mowed the backyard - it was a jungle out there.
2. Had lunch with an old co-worker.
3. Went to Lowes for peony cages, orchid potting mix, an open hoe, and flowers. Ryan picked out two African Violet so I'll now these to grow- YIPEE!
4. Went to JCPenney and found the top I was eyeing- was on sale for $9.99 - Yipee!
5. Picked out books for Ryan at bookstore - SO glad she loves books along with cartoons.
6. Walked the dog.
7. Did a load of laundry.
8. Hung some of my Tracey Gurley artwork that we bought last weekend.

8 things I wish I could do...
1. Have another baby, but not going to happen.....(This would be my 1-8 entries, hence, hope to adopt)
2. Work part-time.
3. Move to a bigger house (goes along with #1 - we have to relocate to another state - NC? VA?).
4. Sew more....I need to make more time for this bc it makes me so happy to be in the sewing room.
5. Turn the sewing business into something big.
6. Write a book.
7. Finish my last Chemistry class and education classes to switch careers and teach HS Chemistry.
8. Play golf better.

8 shows I watch...
1. Deadliest Catch
2. Biggest Loser (usually while eating frozen pizza or ice cream)
3. Project Runway (LOVE LOVE!)
4. American Idol (hubby watches this one too)
6. Friday Night Lights (Great husband/wife dynamic)
7. Rescue Me (Dennis Leary- what else is there to say?)
8. Days of Our Lives (My mom used to watch, and I did while in colege and on maternity leave- and got hooked again)

8 people I tag.... (some of my newest bloggy friends)

1. Baba's Farm Life
2. Have you Seen my Dragon?
3. If I had a Hammer
4. My Rambling Thoughts
5. Live Love Yarn!
6. Stuff by Xtine
7. Tracey Gurley
8. Anyone else who wants to do this.....

Thanks so much for tagging me Country Girl! This was fun to do.

Taggees - Be sure to let me know if you do the list, so I can read yours.
Happy Saturday!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

I've always been a huge fan of Earth Day. When I moved to NYC in summer of 1990, I really hadn't known there was an Earth Day, but come April 1991, there were signs and ads regarding the South Street Seaport weekend celebration. I headed on over with some friends and while it wasn't a huge party like some events in NYC are, it has certainly gained in popularity. I've always been a recycler (and drove my parents crazy when I'd be rinsing out bottles, jars, and cans and they would say "just throw it in the regular garbage", but I just couldn't bring myself to do that). I try to do my part to conserve and I'm going to teach Ryan the same. She already knows teh separate garbage cans and the 'turn off the lights' - 'shut off the water'. I hope she continues to be a green girl!

Wishing everyone a Happy Earth Day - I'd love to hear if you did something different today in honor or what you normally do......Anyone??

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back in Long Beach after Crazy Traffic....and Other Stuff

After leaving Raleigh at 10am on Sunday with our home address all in the Garmin, we were happy to know that our ETA was 6:30pm. With a good stop to eat and stretch the legs, 7:30 would be decent. But nooooooo......3 hours into the trip the brake lights appeared. In Virginia. OK, it's still early, must be an accident. Pass through 'volume' and we start moving again , only to be crawling through Virginia....through DC....through Maryland....through NJ....across Staten Island.....and the Belt Parkway. After two, 10-minute stops, we rolled in front of our house at 10pm. The saving grace is that Ryan caught a bug and she had a fever so she slept and was quite content to remain in her carseat. I too caught a cold that was compounded by allergies so driving just made my head throb and my body ache. BUT....Duke Reunion was a blast! Met lots of my hubby's old friends and the reunion committee put on a great weekend. I'm scared to see what my 20th will be next year since my 15 was in our gym, under fluorescent lights, with folding chairs and blaring music. Duke Reunion was like going to a super nice wedding reception under a huge outdoor tent.

OK...on to the Other Stuff....

* I took Muppet Soul's advice and read "Stolen Innocence" by Elissa Wall. It is a story of a girl who grew up in the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, which practices polygamy and arranged marriage, was married at 14 years old to her first cousin, and eventually escaped the thumb of Warren Jeffs. WHat a crazy story and way of life. I cannot imagine what it is like to have every aspect of one's life dictated from a prophet that channels the word of God through revelations. No one can make a decision for themselves - each is told what to wear, how to do one's hair, what to read, what to learn, who to marry, to not ask questions but rather submit and 'keep sweet'. As an outsider, I found the book fascinating that people live in this country like this!

* In February I won two giveaways in the same week! Woo hoo! I rarely win anything so I was doing a little happy dance when I found out. I meant to post my appreciative THANKS, but finally took the pictures. SO hip hip hoorays go out to Two Happy Stampers for donating the adorable gift card set and Buster and Boo for donating a pair of earrings. I chose this white bead pair because I thought they would be perfect for summer:

I tried to directly link the shops to where I have the names, but don't know if it worked so here is the way I know....
Please visit these fantastic shops and show the love to these generous donors!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Road Trip: Raleigh and Durham, NC // Tracey Gurley Paintings

This weekend is my hubby's 20th college reunion and we're getting up before the crack of dawn to get our butts in the car and on the road to Raleigh-Durham, NC. Since time is short there and the road is long, I want to try and make the most of the daylight hours we're there, so hope to get down by 2pm Thursday. While there, I'm hoping to have time to go see the fabulous paintings of Tracey Gurley at her home studio. Some favorites are her Mums and Geraniums...her Etsy shop is here:
Mason is ALREADY complaining of the early start. I just don't want to spend all the daylight hours in the car and not have to put Ryan from the car-seat to the bed, which I KNOW she won't do - she'll need to run around before going to bed. He soon forgets the nightmare of a trip to Charlottesville, VA when we did what he's suggesting and she was awake until 2am. I can see this is going to be a lloonngggg night.

Monday, April 13, 2009

2008 Taxes- FINISHED!!

I think this is the latest I've ever waited to do our taxes. I logged into and started at 8pm - and I just finished at 11pm. All filed and squared away. Thank god for the Federal refund, but as usual - we OWE New York State!!! Grrrrrrrr.......

I hope the rest of you were more responsible than I was this year. Next year- I'm going to shoot for a February filing! But, I think I thought that last year too. :-o

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!! and Teddy Bear Gift

As I wait for Ryan to start yelling "Mommy.....Daddy...." from her crib (yes, she's almost 3 and still in a crib bc she hasn't attempted to climb out), I thought I'd post a picture of the finished bears from an order we received last week. These are going to a family whose older sister will have a new baby brother due in June. The daughter already has a pink teddy bear that she apparently can't be without, so now there will be a 'new' bear in her town. :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Husband's Endless Supply of T-Shirts

I've been so excited about sewing!! A few things that have got me going again - the nice weather, a cleaner sewing room (took hours and it is looking much better), the new girls dresses, the new blue and green chenille quilt I'm making, an order for two teddy bears (yipee! Got it yesterday as well as an Etsy sale for our "Bonnnie the Bunny"), and I've been commissioned to make a "Memory Quilt" out of old baby clothes!! As I wait for the box of clothes to arrive, I thought about how we could pare-down our possessions. This morning I threw a thought at my hubby: How about I make you a throw quilt with some of your old t-shirts?? Much to my surprise, he AGREED!!! So as I finish up the mint green chenille teddy bear, I'm hoping he starts looking through the THOUSANDS of tees (in my mind it is 'thousands') and pulls the ones I am free to cut and sew. If your husband or boyfriend is like mine, he's got tees from 1982 that are literally held together by THREADS and he refuses to let me throw them away. Uuugh. Needless to say, I am pumped to make something for him (and clear some shelf space).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy April: Some New Girls Dresses

Happy April! Long Beach is finally starting to feel like Spring. And this weekend, we hit the low 60s!! Wooooo Hoooooooo!

Before I took Ryan on vaca to Florida, I started a couple young girls sundresses. I was able to finish up the straps and take pictures in the sunshine. Here are the latest that will be posted to Etsy (hopefully) by the end of the weekend, but I may be outside enjoying the fresh air instead!

Thoughts? Anyone else have any new for Spring? I'd love to check 'em out.