Saturday, May 19, 2012

FNSI: May 18, 2012 Results

This FNSI was also my 10th year wedding anniversary.  Thankful that I was off from work, I was able to get some full-time job stuff, anniversary things, and FNSI items all into the schedule!  I didn't have a lot of time Friday night since Mr. Olive took me to dinner (more on the anniversary in a separate post), but I did manage to complete a second tote bag in this fabulous charcoal gray, and purple / plum color chunky paisley / floral fabric....I also like the reverse dot.  I finished the first one last weekend, but the second stood on two halves.  Now it is on the "complete" pile and ready to be inventory for the 3 summer craft fairs we do.

I also finished a quilt top.  The charm back is called "Summersault" and the fabric designer name is escaping me....but I got the patched top done - now for borders and back.  I really like the bright colors of this collection.  I'm hoping to get this done before the next FNSI. :-)  I have two charm packs so I will have to make the second top so I can get both done for the fairs.

Hope you had a good Friday Night!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 18th - FNSI and Our 10 Year Anniversary!

This Friday is the May 2012 Friday Night Sew-In.  If interested in signing up, click on the blog-button I have posted on the left side!

This Friday is also our 10 year anniversary....cannot believe its been that long and wonder how we ever made it to 10, ha ha, but it is coming up!  We follow the traditional gift guide and for 10 it's "Tin / Aluminum".  I have my gifts and will post pics once Mr. Olive has opened.

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our 100th Etsy Sale! & Happy Mother's Day!

I've been doing the happy-dance for a day!  We got our 100th Etsy sale yesterday, May 12, 2012.  AND the best part? It was to a customer who had just purchased a beach bag for herself and liked it so much, she decided to buy one for her mother.  This was the bag:

I have loved this fabric and thought I'd sell more of them, but turns out, they did better in craft fairs than on Etsy.  Maybe the pictures didn't show the colors as well?  I'm thrilled it is going to a happy-repeat-buyer.  :-) 

I got to spend Mother's Day with my fantastic mom and my fantastic daughter out on Fire Island.  Beautiful weather.  Mr. Olive and my Dad did alot of the outside work at my parent's beach house and I took care of the inside cleaning.  Opening the house is a big job and I feel that it shouldn't have to fall onto my aging parents when we are local and can surely do the heavy-lifting.  It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! 

Wishing a Happy to all those moms out there...I hope you did what made you happy.

Friday, May 11, 2012

99 Etsy Sales!

When I opened the Etsy shop at the end of 2008, I had visions of being able to work my real job part-time because my sewing business would skyrocket with sales!  Alas, it has been a slow-road, and I'm still working my real job full-time, but with the purchase yesterday of this beach bag, I now clock in at 99 sales......who will be my 100th?  What will it be?  I think I'm going to do a give-away to celebrate the big 1-0-0 when it gets here.....
Happy Friday!