Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Crafty Garden Mom" blog-post on Quilting

This is a GREAT blog-post on how Quilters, with all the time and craftmanship put into quilts, get undercut by mass-marketers.  This focuses on the retailer "Anthropologie", which I agree with the blogger, is NOT a cheap retailer as I would not shell-out $350 for a sundress. 

This is a sad-state-of-affairs for the quilters, but it is true....check out the post and please leave a comment!

Monday, August 5, 2013

8-5-13: Been too long

Hola!  I didn't realize it was back in May that I last updated my blog.  I get lazy with photoing in the summer because we do a couple nice craft fairs, so I'm usually sewing and saving as stock.  At the end of the fairs, THEN I will post to Etsy and our own web-store.  I figure, "why go through the effort when it could sell without?"

But, in the meantime, I did complete and post these two new items.  First, a table runner in RUBY fabrics designed by Bonnie and Clyde for Moda:

 The second is a vintage feedsack fabric quilt.  Great for a retro or farmhouse-chic baby nursery.....or as an accent quilt in your home:

Little Olive looks nervous because she was watching a bee and hoping it didn't get her while I was taking the picture! 

I also want to update my bottle count.  It is amazing that I still pick up a bag of garbage when I walk the dog!
Large Bottles: 13
Hotel bottles: 20
Samples:  6
Thread Spools: 2

Grocery Bag Garbage: 12