Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Surprise: Our Poor Tree...

When the snow melted and I assessed our backyard, I noticed our flowering pear tree had a "break" in its trunk from the fork of a main 'trunk'? 'branch'?  I thought that when Spring arrived, I'd likely have to get something to 'seal' the fissure.  This was 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday, we had a crazy storm - nothing to the extent of the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma / Arkansas earlier this week, or North Carolina earlier on Saturday.  We had pelting rain and then the winds started.  We've had worse winds though.  This morning - all was good.  but, sometime between 2:30-4pm, when Mr. Olive was out with little Olive at the park and I was upstairs, that limb cracked off the trunk.  Little Olive and I were readying the Easter egg coloring when I looked out the window and saw the hunk on the ground. 

We planted this tree when we first moved in - it was a sapling.  As you can see, after 9 years, it has grown into a beautiful tree. Now, two-thirds sit on the lawn.  I'm so sad. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Orchid Show: Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square PA

I love plants - always have, always will.  Growing up I had a room full of houseplants, but funny, no flowering plants.  I started getting into orchids about two years ago and have posted several times about the orchids Mr. Olive has given me and others I've bought.  I'm a total beginner and need to hone my skills in caring for them so I can get flowers.  My little collection makes me happy, but seeing the Orchid Show at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is a huge treat for me.  I'm lucky to have a college-friend live in that town so twice now, we've packed up the car and headed to the Orchid Show and tie in a great visit-weekend.  The show is put on with different orchid societies putting together its display and then the orchids are judged.  I wanted to share some pictures of the gorgeous flowers.

 Several different orchids:
 Catleya (I think):
 Phaleanopsis injected with blue dye:
 Paphiopedlium (I think):
 Vanda (I loved these!):
 Militonis (pansy orchid):
Now, next set of pictures will be of my plants - the ones I've managed to get to flower.   Enjoy!