Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30: Outdoor Craft Show & New Items

Our little town of Long Beach has a few arts organizations that got together to do Sunday "Arts in the Plaza".  I've exhibited 4 times since May - I intended to do 4 other shows, but the weather worked against us twice, the event was cancelled by City Hall on 9/11, and another time I was just too tired form working a garage sale the day before.  So with that in mind, I set out to exhibit on the last Sunday.  Now, Old Man Winter stepped in yesterday and threw the Northeast a nasty snow storm.  The temps didn't get above the mid 40s today.  I lasted 4 hours and was done.  BUT I did sell a onesie set and a chenille quilt.  :-)

Since I called Mr. Olive to come get me at 2pm, I then spent the afternoon battling pictures and new listings.  I managed to get 4 new new posted - two new corduroy skirts and two new vintage chenille quilts.  I have one other skirt to post along with the two jumpers....What do you think?