Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy 2014! And it's already the end of March.....Long Island Quilt Show Pictures

How has March 30, 2014 already come around??  I know - I've been hibernating with the harsh winter.  I like winter - happy to have as much snow as we can get!  I love going out to play in it, build a snowman....shovel (when my back isn't screaming), and then come in for a hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows.  I also like days where I can stay in my PJs and clean, sew, relax.  The winter gives me that downtime I need.  BUT, that being said, I have to go to work - and I could do without commuting in the cold and snow!  Obviously, I need a better lottery dream hasn't yet come to fruition.

Last weekend, the Long Island Quilting Society held a Quilt Show in Garden City, NY.  So I bundled up Little Olive and we checked out many AMAZING quilts!  Little Olive took most of these pictures:

There were quilt blocks on the International Quilt:

And these three were done by "Junior Quilters"....the winning Junior Quilt was made for an American Girl doll bed....

Happy Sunday!