Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chenille Quilts

Thought I'd post some pics of our new chenille quilts.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How angry am I right now??

VERY angry. I'm spitting nails. My blood is boiling.

I don't know why the concept of budgeting is completely lost on my husband. What part of 'revenues need to be more than expenses' does he NOT understand? We've been trying to cut down for YEARS, and I think of options, ask him his thoughts, try to agree on the course of action to be taken (which we usually do) and then he immediately ignores. SOOOOO you cannot imagine how freakin fuming I am right now over paying our credit card bill (which was way too high to begin with) and discover that he's got 4 separate charges for cannot guess and if you do I'll send you a prize....a god-damn computer game - Mafia Wars on Facebook. What are these $20 charges for? What does this do to better our financial situation? What 'necessary expense' did he spend on like toothpaste, toilet paper, socks? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I COULD DO WITH THAT $80 THAT IS NOW EVAPORATED???? If he were making 6-figures and I was working PT and we had overflowing savings accounts - be my guest - go right ahead - waste money on an on-line computer game, but NOT while I'm working FT with the majority of the bread-winning sitting on my siree bob. This does not fly with me.

And you want to know the worst part?? I saw the first charge on the bill and called him out on it - and I was told "I will not do that again, I'm sorry".....and here it happens 3x again - and once just 2 days ago......Did I mention how angry I am right now????

Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Things Award from Audrey's Country Crafts

Wonderful Audrey over at Audrey's Country Crafts blog gave me the "7 Things" award....I give 7 things about myself and then pass along to 7 others. Here goes -

1) I'm on vacation right now in Fair Harbor. It is a little town on Fire Island and my family has had a house here for 29 years. It is my favorite place in the world!
2) I made a bold move yesterday and walked up to a house that looks like it hasn't been lived in in years - to leave a note in case the owner wanted to sell. He was there! We chatted - the house is an utter dump - he is looking to sell - I made an offer - he considered - and I was turned down this morning. :-( I am sad, but I would have been eating ramen for the next 10 years.

3) I got to visit with the Indy family and the Jacksonville family this week. Yipee!

4) I made pasta for dinner and now I'm having a glass of wine in a quiet house.

5) I went swimmming in the bay with my 2.5 YO nephew Chase today.

6) I recognized an old old friend today as he was walking along the bay - I stopped him and we chatted. How come I'm getting so bold in my old age??

7) It's 8:37pm.....and I'm ready for bed. That is what all day in the salt air will do to a person.

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AND for a parting shot, here is my 5 YO nephew with his Sea Robin catch.....He got up at 5:30 am to get on the boat to fish and sea robins were all he caught. But he was happy to have gone.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vacation Week and other updates!

Yipee!! It is vacation week! Each year my brother and his family come in from Indianapolis to enjoy the beach house on Fire Island. This year it is a 3-week stint. And why not? The alternative is central Indiana - a far cry from the Atlantic.

Vacation week at our house wasn't supposed to start off with a second floor bathroom pipe problem, but alas, it did. I guess it is expected with an old house - the pipe literally wore out. The water leaked through the first floor into a nice puddle in the basement. Needless to say, a lot of $$, a messy house, and a non-working bathroom was not the 'happy' start to time away from work.

AND I almost forgot!! We did the local craft fair on Fire Island over July 4th weekend. We had wagon t-shirts printed up and they were a HUGE hit. In addition - there was a celebrity there and she bought my 'hippie-chic' dress for her little girl - I was thrilled.
OH - we now have a 3 year-old in our house. She is so grown up - she just blocked me from the bathroom because she can go potty ALL BY HERSELF. She actually told me to get out of the bathroom! Oh the things to come...