Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Things Award from Audrey's Country Crafts

Wonderful Audrey over at Audrey's Country Crafts blog gave me the "7 Things" award....I give 7 things about myself and then pass along to 7 others. Here goes -

1) I'm on vacation right now in Fair Harbor. It is a little town on Fire Island and my family has had a house here for 29 years. It is my favorite place in the world!
2) I made a bold move yesterday and walked up to a house that looks like it hasn't been lived in in years - to leave a note in case the owner wanted to sell. He was there! We chatted - the house is an utter dump - he is looking to sell - I made an offer - he considered - and I was turned down this morning. :-( I am sad, but I would have been eating ramen for the next 10 years.

3) I got to visit with the Indy family and the Jacksonville family this week. Yipee!

4) I made pasta for dinner and now I'm having a glass of wine in a quiet house.

5) I went swimmming in the bay with my 2.5 YO nephew Chase today.

6) I recognized an old old friend today as he was walking along the bay - I stopped him and we chatted. How come I'm getting so bold in my old age??

7) It's 8:37pm.....and I'm ready for bed. That is what all day in the salt air will do to a person.

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AND for a parting shot, here is my 5 YO nephew with his Sea Robin catch.....He got up at 5:30 am to get on the boat to fish and sea robins were all he caught. But he was happy to have gone.


  1. It sounds to me like you're having a wonderful vacation so far! I had never even heard of Fire Island until today, but it sounds like such a magical little place. I need some of that boldness you've discovered in yourself, because I try to look down and not make eye contact anytime I see an old friend. I guess I'm just becoming more antisocial in my old age lol!

  2. LOVE that adorable photo!!!
    Enjoy your weekend,


  3. What fun. It sounds like you are having a great time.

  4. Enjoy your vacation! Thanks so much for your comments and support by the way. It meant a lot.


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