Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12-2-14: Welcome December!

And to kick-off the month, the latest Quiltsy Team Blog post that features four shops - one of them being mine! ha ha Because I write the blog and Little Olive chooses the shop names from a hat....and mine came up.  Please go check it out if you have the time -


I also have some cute Memory Bears I can show off.  We make the bears from a shirt of a loved one who has passed on.  These bears are proving to be a popular Christmas present this year:

Aren't these adorable?  We only have 10 more to make and ship before Christmas!  :-D

Happy December! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

5-10-14: Some New "Old" Quilts

Mother Olive and I have been sewing up a storm this winter - sort of matching the winter stormy weather we had! We had several items on our "to-do" list we wanted to make for the few summer craft fairs we do....here are the results of the upcycling / recycling / repurposing of vintage chenille into new quilts:


These are our four new quilts since we sold five others we've made....hopeful these quilts popularity lasts!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy 2014! And it's already the end of March.....Long Island Quilt Show Pictures

How has March 30, 2014 already come around??  I know - I've been hibernating with the harsh winter.  I like winter - happy to have as much snow as we can get!  I love going out to play in it, build a snowman....shovel (when my back isn't screaming), and then come in for a hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows.  I also like days where I can stay in my PJs and clean, sew, relax.  The winter gives me that downtime I need.  BUT, that being said, I have to go to work - and I could do without commuting in the cold and snow!  Obviously, I need a better plan.....my lottery dream hasn't yet come to fruition.

Last weekend, the Long Island Quilting Society held a Quilt Show in Garden City, NY.  So I bundled up Little Olive and we checked out many AMAZING quilts!  Little Olive took most of these pictures:

There were quilt blocks on the International Quilt:

And these three were done by "Junior Quilters"....the winning Junior Quilt was made for an American Girl doll bed....

Happy Sunday!