Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!.....and some new stuff.

Happy 10-31-10!  What kid doesn't like Halloween?  When younger, my brothers and sister and friends and I used to try to hit every house in our development.  There were 9 blocks and then houses along the main road.  I always felt confident we'd make it to every single one and then inevitably, when we'd be furthest from our home, I'd feel like I could not walk another step.  One good thing about where I live now - Long Beach - the houses aren't so far apart, but it isn't a private block, so lots of traffic.  I know years from now when Little Olive is trick-or-treating with her friends, I'm going to be a nervous-wreck.  For now, here she is choosing a pumpkin:

And some hot-of-the sewing-machine projects include a vintage blue chenille quilt (truly a one-of-a-kind gift and available on our website ) and some new handbags......Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Giveaway!! At "If I Had a Hammer" Blog

So glad she is back posting to her blog....and to top it off?  a giveaway!!  An adorable cherry ring.  Check it out here.  But, remember, I'm going to win it. he he he

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 & Pumpkins & Bracelets - Oh my!

A Sunday in October, in 2010, but it isn't any old Sunday, it is the 10th.  I'm someone who loves numbers and special dates.  Even if it doesn't seem a 'special date' I always add up the numbers to see what I can see. I count steps when I know I'm walking far - and then the next time, try to do the same trip in less steps.  Or only step on a section of sidewalk one time and see how many pieces I can hit before having to take a second step.  Or, if I happen to turn the light off when the clock says "10:10 pm" then I will myself not to open my eyes again to see if the minute has passed.  OR - I'm just weird this way.  But - today is a very cool date.  Had I been engaged, I'd have pushed to have the wedding today (as I believe many other couples have done).  It would be cool to be born today, at 10:10 am or pm.  :-)

Other than the date, the day was beautiful here in Long Beach.  We took Little Olive to the Long Beach Fall Festival.  City hall workers put up a carousel, make a pumpkin patch in a drained fountain, inflate one of those obstacle-balloon courses, book live music, and feature food from local restaurants.  In all the years we've been here, the festival is gratis - except for the food and the pumpkin patch, but kids can get a free pumpkin for wearing a costume, otherwise it is $1.  THIS year, there are obviously minds-a-workin' in the offices of the big brick building because each obstacle and carousel ride was $1, and the pumpkins were $2 for a small and $4 for a large.  *sigh* nothing is free, but it was nice to get the pumpkins for the doorsteps.

 "Stella and Dot" released some new items for the holidays.  I loved these wrap-bracelets and ordered a set:

 I also treated myself to the Petra bracelet as my SIL raves about it:

But, my Fall standby thus far has been the Vintage Twist:

Followed closely by the Vintage Link:
And then there is the slinky-like Bardot Spiral:

and the Cortez cuff:

Happy Sunday!  I hope you enjoyed the 10-10-10 day!