Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 & Pumpkins & Bracelets - Oh my!

A Sunday in October, in 2010, but it isn't any old Sunday, it is the 10th.  I'm someone who loves numbers and special dates.  Even if it doesn't seem a 'special date' I always add up the numbers to see what I can see. I count steps when I know I'm walking far - and then the next time, try to do the same trip in less steps.  Or only step on a section of sidewalk one time and see how many pieces I can hit before having to take a second step.  Or, if I happen to turn the light off when the clock says "10:10 pm" then I will myself not to open my eyes again to see if the minute has passed.  OR - I'm just weird this way.  But - today is a very cool date.  Had I been engaged, I'd have pushed to have the wedding today (as I believe many other couples have done).  It would be cool to be born today, at 10:10 am or pm.  :-)

Other than the date, the day was beautiful here in Long Beach.  We took Little Olive to the Long Beach Fall Festival.  City hall workers put up a carousel, make a pumpkin patch in a drained fountain, inflate one of those obstacle-balloon courses, book live music, and feature food from local restaurants.  In all the years we've been here, the festival is gratis - except for the food and the pumpkin patch, but kids can get a free pumpkin for wearing a costume, otherwise it is $1.  THIS year, there are obviously minds-a-workin' in the offices of the big brick building because each obstacle and carousel ride was $1, and the pumpkins were $2 for a small and $4 for a large.  *sigh* nothing is free, but it was nice to get the pumpkins for the doorsteps.

 "Stella and Dot" released some new items for the holidays.  I loved these wrap-bracelets and ordered a set:

 I also treated myself to the Petra bracelet as my SIL raves about it:

But, my Fall standby thus far has been the Vintage Twist:

Followed closely by the Vintage Link:
And then there is the slinky-like Bardot Spiral:

and the Cortez cuff:

Happy Sunday!  I hope you enjoyed the 10-10-10 day!


  1. thanks for the lovely comment earlier :D

    & what great finds!
    i love that twist bracelet. & i still need to go get some pumpkins...i just love fall :D

  2. First of all, LOVE the bracelets! Your number "thing" had me giggling to myself. I don't have any "things" that I know about,(There could be one or two. perhaps i should ask the hubs) but I have a friend who has to have all the volume settings on her stereo or television in increments of five, weather its too loud or quite. It has to be increments of five.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that your fall carnival has been subject to a price change. At least you had a good time though, right? We actually went to the state fair this year, but we don't do that every year because it's just ridiculous how much it costs.

    I love the Vintage Twist and Bardot Spiral!

  4. So pretty I really love the Petra bracelet but the vintage twist is more practical for everyday wear.

  5. I am sooo digging all those bracelets. The Petra one is my fave!!! How've you been??? How lame am I for disappearing forever??

    I'm gonna look around your stuff to buy and really buy this time :)

  6. So I totally bought the cute smaller red bag with the big button from your Grandma's button thing...(my brain hurts I forgot exactly where from)

    Ok...xoxo Can't wait!!!


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