Friday, September 24, 2010

"Locks for Love"

Last Spring, when I literally let my hair down after months of leaving the house with it wet and tied in a bun, I was shocked at how long it had grown.  I really wanted to get it cut shoulder-length, but then remembered a couple of friends who had donated to "Locks for Love", an organization that accepts donated hair to make wigs for sick, disadvantaged children.  I went to the website to see the requirements (bc I do have a bit of gray in there now) and was happy to see that color didn't matter, but length needed 10".  Ugh.  I need more unless I want to go the way of Demi Moore in "Ghost" - BTW, I've always envied that haircut and wish I were brave enough to do it, but alas, I'm not.  So here I am at September 24th, with just the 10" to donate and still retain a decent length (i.e. able to put it back in a clip). My mom, the best in the world, gave me the cut, color, and highlights as my birthday present. 

Here are the results in pictures.  This was my first time going to this haircutter, but I trusted her - and she did a fabulous job!  Or at least I think so. :-) 

I hope this inspires some others who are near the 10" brink and itching to just cut it all off, to take the plunge and donate to the good cause.





  1. yay for locks of love. :) and i think the hair cut looks wonderful on you. :D & i like the little wave it gets with humidity.

  2. It looks wonderful -- hope you love it as much as I do. Makes you look younger. b

  3. I really like your new haircut. I thought about donating, because my hair is long enough. I don't qualify though, because I have had highlights that involved bleaching. I guess I'll keep my long hair for now.

  4. Well just look at how cute you are! I absolutely love the new cut, and I think it's sweet that you planned it this way so that your hair could be used for a good cause. You look great, girl!

  5. Your hair is still pretty after the humidity hits. Great post!

  6. My hair is longer, however way to much gray in it :)
    Our oldest son is growing his hair (I guess he could do worse things). He said when he got it cut he would give it away too.
    I like your new hair cut!


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