Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!.....and some new stuff.

Happy 10-31-10!  What kid doesn't like Halloween?  When younger, my brothers and sister and friends and I used to try to hit every house in our development.  There were 9 blocks and then houses along the main road.  I always felt confident we'd make it to every single one and then inevitably, when we'd be furthest from our home, I'd feel like I could not walk another step.  One good thing about where I live now - Long Beach - the houses aren't so far apart, but it isn't a private block, so lots of traffic.  I know years from now when Little Olive is trick-or-treating with her friends, I'm going to be a nervous-wreck.  For now, here she is choosing a pumpkin:

And some hot-of-the sewing-machine projects include a vintage blue chenille quilt (truly a one-of-a-kind gift and available on our website ) and some new handbags......Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


  1. I hear ya. I know that trick-or-treating is a must for every kid, but I would be a little nervous about it too. She looks so cute in the pumpkin patch! Your new items are looking rather cute too. Nice work!

  2. My oldest asked when he'd be old enough to trick or treat alone, I answered, "When your too old to go trick or treating!" Ha ha! How old is old enough? I don't know. He's nine, I was running around the neighborhood with my brother and no supervision at six.


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