Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Surprise: Our Poor Tree...

When the snow melted and I assessed our backyard, I noticed our flowering pear tree had a "break" in its trunk from the fork of a main 'trunk'? 'branch'?  I thought that when Spring arrived, I'd likely have to get something to 'seal' the fissure.  This was 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday, we had a crazy storm - nothing to the extent of the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma / Arkansas earlier this week, or North Carolina earlier on Saturday.  We had pelting rain and then the winds started.  We've had worse winds though.  This morning - all was good.  but, sometime between 2:30-4pm, when Mr. Olive was out with little Olive at the park and I was upstairs, that limb cracked off the trunk.  Little Olive and I were readying the Easter egg coloring when I looked out the window and saw the hunk on the ground. 

We planted this tree when we first moved in - it was a sapling.  As you can see, after 9 years, it has grown into a beautiful tree. Now, two-thirds sit on the lawn.  I'm so sad. 


  1. The rest of the tree will live though, right? We have a very pathetic redbud tree in our front yard, and although it is on its last leg I refuse to let my husband chop it down. It's the state tree of Oklahoma- a fact I've had memorized since I was just a little girl, so I have a certain reverence for this kind of tree. And even though it's sickly, it still produces gorgeous purple flowers every spring. I just can't bear to kill it, even though I'm sure we'd plant another. I'm truly a tree-hugger! ;-)~

  2. I'm sorry about your beautiful tree! We had to pull out a Navajo globe willow out of our back yard this month. We planted it 2 years ago and gophers ate the roots. Sometimes I feel just like Mr. McGregor about all the gophers and rabbits around here! I don't know if we'll ever have a tree back there! My 4ft tall weeping cherry in my tiny front yard is doing just fine though, so I have hope.

  3. Awww, poor tree! But I bet the remaining part will survive, it looks like a fairly clean break... and less leaves to rake in the fall too.


    Give it love, it will survive...

  4. I would be sad as well. Hoping for wonderful and sweet summer to nurture the rest of the tree.


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