Saturday, May 19, 2012

FNSI: May 18, 2012 Results

This FNSI was also my 10th year wedding anniversary.  Thankful that I was off from work, I was able to get some full-time job stuff, anniversary things, and FNSI items all into the schedule!  I didn't have a lot of time Friday night since Mr. Olive took me to dinner (more on the anniversary in a separate post), but I did manage to complete a second tote bag in this fabulous charcoal gray, and purple / plum color chunky paisley / floral fabric....I also like the reverse dot.  I finished the first one last weekend, but the second stood on two halves.  Now it is on the "complete" pile and ready to be inventory for the 3 summer craft fairs we do.

I also finished a quilt top.  The charm back is called "Summersault" and the fabric designer name is escaping me....but I got the patched top done - now for borders and back.  I really like the bright colors of this collection.  I'm hoping to get this done before the next FNSI. :-)  I have two charm packs so I will have to make the second top so I can get both done for the fairs.

Hope you had a good Friday Night!

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