Saturday, April 25, 2009

I've been tagged with "8 Things".....

I have been tagged by Margaret over at Country Girl......So here goes:

8 things I'm looking forward to...
1. Saturday and Sunday!
2. My parents coming back from 3 months in Florida next weekend
3. A friend's annual "Crawfish Boil Party" in mid-May, even tho I don't wat the little critters, hubby does
4. Opening the beach house and heading out to Fire Island for another season (this is the family's 29th year with the house. SOOOO glad my parents bought it!! FI is such a special place to grow up)
5. Our 7 year anniversary (not doing anything big, but happy we made it to 7 years - it hasn't always been easy...)
6. The Fair Harbor Pine Walk Fair - our first fair of the year and we have new wagon t-shirts being made up. Also excited to put out the new sundresses and light blankets.
7. Making my garden bigger and landscaping our front yard. We don't get a whole lot of land in Long Beach, but hubby agreed to carve out some more bed from the lawn - ulterior motive: He then has less to mow. :-0
8. Potential for pursuing adoption - Hubby and I to discuss....wish me luck!!!

8 things I did yesterday...
I was off from work on my flex-Friday (I work a 5-day week followed by a 4-day week - it is a SWEET set-up) and hubby is visiting my brother and his family in Jacksonville, FL.....

1. Mowed the backyard - it was a jungle out there.
2. Had lunch with an old co-worker.
3. Went to Lowes for peony cages, orchid potting mix, an open hoe, and flowers. Ryan picked out two African Violet so I'll now these to grow- YIPEE!
4. Went to JCPenney and found the top I was eyeing- was on sale for $9.99 - Yipee!
5. Picked out books for Ryan at bookstore - SO glad she loves books along with cartoons.
6. Walked the dog.
7. Did a load of laundry.
8. Hung some of my Tracey Gurley artwork that we bought last weekend.

8 things I wish I could do...
1. Have another baby, but not going to happen.....(This would be my 1-8 entries, hence, hope to adopt)
2. Work part-time.
3. Move to a bigger house (goes along with #1 - we have to relocate to another state - NC? VA?).
4. Sew more....I need to make more time for this bc it makes me so happy to be in the sewing room.
5. Turn the sewing business into something big.
6. Write a book.
7. Finish my last Chemistry class and education classes to switch careers and teach HS Chemistry.
8. Play golf better.

8 shows I watch...
1. Deadliest Catch
2. Biggest Loser (usually while eating frozen pizza or ice cream)
3. Project Runway (LOVE LOVE!)
4. American Idol (hubby watches this one too)
6. Friday Night Lights (Great husband/wife dynamic)
7. Rescue Me (Dennis Leary- what else is there to say?)
8. Days of Our Lives (My mom used to watch, and I did while in colege and on maternity leave- and got hooked again)

8 people I tag.... (some of my newest bloggy friends)

1. Baba's Farm Life
2. Have you Seen my Dragon?
3. If I had a Hammer
4. My Rambling Thoughts
5. Live Love Yarn!
6. Stuff by Xtine
7. Tracey Gurley
8. Anyone else who wants to do this.....

Thanks so much for tagging me Country Girl! This was fun to do.

Taggees - Be sure to let me know if you do the list, so I can read yours.
Happy Saturday!!


  1. Great list. Thanks for playing.

    My hubby and I are going to celebrate 7 years in June. I wish you the best of luck with adoption.

  2. Thanks for the tag! just finished my lists.

  3. Great survey. Good luck with your adoption plans :)


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