Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Church Fair, Gingerbread Houses, and Movie Night

First off - Happy December! I cannot believe were in the last month of the year. Is time flying for anyone else?? Last week I went to Oklahoma City for work. Just an overnight trip, but it isn't an easy flight to/from NYC. The one non-stop was sold out. Need I say more?

It's Saturday night after a busy Saturday day - I took the daughter to a Christmas Fair at the church and video-ed her dancing with Santa. I also managed some Christmas gifts that were exactly what I was looking for! A puzzle for my grandmother - and 'cats in a tree' picture - perfect for her! for $2 (brand new but old) and 4 hardcover suspense books for my hubby (all recently released and $0.50/each). I also managed a scarf for myself - the most expensive at $10 (but all proceeds go to the church). Afterward, Ryan and my niece Daisy made gingerbread houses. I bought a kit thinking it would be so easy - and quite the opposite. My mom resorted to cutting an orange juice container, slapping on vanilla icing, and giving the girls sugar wafers to add to the decorative candies. They are happy girls, but not necessarily 'centerpiece' results. :-) But we're going to use them anyway.

Lastly, I came home to a hubby that made dinner - it was Zatarans garlic and herb rice and chicken. He said "it's from a box" and I said "you cooked - we didn't order in - and it isn't frozen pizza - it's fantastic!" We're now gearing up for a movie and ice cream. Our options are 1) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2) SAW, or 3) I Love You, Man. We're going with SAW firsy and if we cannot take it- will switch to the comedy. We cannot believe there are something like 6 SAW movies! It must be doing something right...


  1. time is flying by for us here too.
    so funny, I went to a Christmas fair today too.
    I love this time of year!

  2. You are an incredibly interesting writer. The way you phrase ordinary events makes them interesting.

  3. What a lovely post... I'm in Oklahoma, and we DROVE to New York once. There were 6 people + luggage in a mini-van, and it was very trying at times. Did you enjoy the cozy little movie-date with your husband?

  4. Holly- sorry such a delay - yes, we did enjoy the movies! we watched SAW and I LOVE YOU MAN. Both worth the freebie from the library. :-)

    BTW- I really like Oklahoma City!!


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