Thursday, April 8, 2010

FABRIC! And a big reversible tote bag order

If you are like me and like to sew, it is hard not to be automatically addicted to fabric.  I have way too much of it and I need to get using instead of stock-piling.  But, even with all the great fabrics I have, I had a convenient excuse to go buy order for 6 of the Seaside reversible tote bags.  One of my first friends from college and I, even though she transferred after sophomore year, have remained friends through the past 20 years.  She saw the bags and would like for one for herself, a few gifts, and to give to her daughters' teachers for end-of-school gifts.  But, I only have enough fabric for four bags so off to the store I went.  It must be a popular fabric because the store was all-out, so I got a few other combos, one of which is the complement in pinks, greens, and browns....take a look at what I grabbed...I left the cutting board in some pics to show the design scale:
Blue and Green Wave


Bermuda Beach
I also have this harlequin fabric that I paired with a damask - it is a dusty blue and brown and I couldn't resist......

What about this Summer Green damask and Grass stripe?
Finally- some pictures of completed totes in a classic french countryside mustard yellow and french blue toile that reverses to a beige and french blue scroll with the "modern floral" tote and mini bag in the background.  And a hunter green and beige toile that reverses to a check.....
What do you think?


  1. Lovely! I think I love the summer green damask with grass stripe the best but they are all so pretty. These will make such fabulous teacher gifts.

  2. aving a hard time choosing what I like the best... they ar all great combos!
    The Bermuda beach and the green one.... gorgeous!

  3. I like the French Country Side one. That is one of my favorite fabrics. I don't sew all that often, but I do love fabric. I am wanting to sew some skirts for the girls soon, and I am working on quilts for the kids. I almost have the top done for Albany's.

    You'll have to keep me posted about the adoption agency.

  4. Amazing fabric!! You can never have to much :)
    LOVE the green!!

  5. i love fabric. i buy it. and then i'm like... this is too pretty to use. and then i save it. it's a vicious cycle.

  6. W: I'm the same way!

    I too love the summer green damask - and I made myself a little bag with it. I rarely keep bags for myself, but the green is it...
    Thanks for the comments! I'll make a large green one soon. :-)

  7. I'm in love with your modern floral bag, that would totally match my stroller lol!!


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