Monday, May 10, 2010


Little Olive and I started some seeds a few weeks ago - we did tomato, corn, zinnia, and basil.  I thought you'd like to see how we've done with our seedlings:


Basil (top right) and Zinnia (bottom)

We made the newspaper seed pots by wrapping a single piece around a cup and folding over the corners to try and keep it intact.  For the most part, the pots did keep shape - we didn't want to tape bc we intend to plant the pot right into the ground - recycling at its best. :-)  We had saved a Starbucks coffee carrier and the pots are sitting in it.  The carrier has also helped maintain shape.  Hope to be showing some pics of the zinnias, basil, ears of corn, and big red tomatoes sometime over the summer.


  1. what a great recycling project, it's perfect!

  2. Love the newspaper idea. We are getting the first veggies out of our garden now. We have been eating turnip greens, lettuce, and green onions. Our corn is about a foot tall, but the storms last night laid it over. Hopefully it pops back up, because it was looking so good.

  3. how wonderful! i wish i had more a green thumb...le-sigh. :D

  4. Great job!! I also wish I had more of a green thumb - I tend to kill plants by just looking at them lol!

  5. Your seedlings look so strong!! I'm super late with my planting this year. Only lettuce and spinach so far.

    Happy growing!

  6. You've got a yummy selection of veggies going! Tomatoes and corn are summer classics, and basil is one of my favorite herbs. I love the little pots too, what a neat idea! You girls are so crafty. :-)


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