Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Sunday.....and GIVEAWAY Winner

What a week! I'm so happy it is over.  Mr. Olive and I are watching the NCAA tourney.  He is a Duke grad so needless to say, Little Olive is already programmed to say she's going to Duke.  *sigh*  I've learned to just go along with him, knowing she'll be a Bucknell Bison at the end of the day. ;-)

One great thing about living in the NYC-metro area is taking mass transit.  It is always such a delight - New Yorkers love to bitch about the fact that the service continues to get worse while the cost continues to increase.  Being a mass-transit rider, my Metrocard (used for the subway system) ran out of funds.  It was a small feat that my card actually went to a 'zero' balance since the fare ususally leaves some amount of money less-than a ride's cost.  Lucky me - a metrocard brought down to zero!  I decided to get a new card instead of refilling my old one.  Leave it to the MTA to give me a bright spot to my dark week - - here is what the back of my card says: 

Also getting back to normal, I decided to make a new recipe for dinner - I don't think my result will look like this, but I'm certainly trying to make "Garlic Braised Chicken with Olives and Mushrooms" - minus the mushrooms and with black instead of green olives....what can I say, I never seem to follow the rules.

Last but not least - and the part everyone has been waiting with baited breath all week - the giveaway winner!  Through "" with 22 valid entries.....the winner is #9 - Ramblin Mama - Congrats!!  The giveaway was alot of fun....I may do another sometime soon.  Stay tuned sports fans...........


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  1. Congrats, ramblin Mama!

    Mmmmm... that dish looks so yummy, I hope yours turns out good! :O)

  2. I think when your Metrocard starts touting optimism you have no choice. Your just going to have to start looking on the bright side, MTA says so. Here's to a start of a new week ~ hope it's full of smooth sailing and happy days!

    & congrats to ramblin mama!

  3. Oooooo!!! I'm so excited!!! Thank you, so much!!

  4. Congrats to the winner!!
    I'd go with no olives - sorry :)


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