Friday, May 22, 2009

Back from Oklahoma....and Ryan's words....

Whew! Finally home. I left Wednesday night for Oklahoma City for a business trip. I had meetings all day on Thursday, and headed to the airport after a nice market tour between Norman in the south and Penn Square Mall in the north. I'm so tired, I cannot even remember the name of the area where this mall is located! A 4pm departure turned into another overnight stay in a hotel significantly less-nice that the hotel of the previous night. MENTAL NOTE: When the airline offers $$, a hotel, and dinner, make sure you know what level hotel you are getting before taking the deal. If my boss and I hadn't missed our connecting flight in Memphis, we would have held out, but with that flight going to be gone, we cut our losses and stayed in OK. I asked the agent "so what type of hotel is XXXXX?" and he was less than direct. But, another person knew the name and said "Holy cow! You guys lucked out! That is a beautiful hotel". A $40/night room rate and a $15 meal voucher in that hotel, does not a beautiful room make. But it was clean and well-kept.

Other than that, my trip was really nice! Oklahoma City is super clean and friendly. New York needs to go down and take notes on the cleanliness concept. But, a 5:20am wake-up call has done me in. So it is off to bed for me.

Before I go, I wanted to post about something darling almost-three year-old daughter said while we were vegging and watching cartoons....

**** some girls doll / toy was being advertised (again, I'm so tired I cannot remember what toy this was) ****

Mommy: "Oh that looks like a fun doll / toy"
Daughter: " know I really like pirates. Pirates are my favorite"
Mommy: ??????

So does this mean she's going to have the 'bad boy' complex when dating??


  1. haha! everything is their favorite when they see it on tv. My son gets all excited about foaming sand as long as the commercial is loud.

  2. You were just a few hours from where I live. You do have to be careful about the hotels around here. There are some really nice ones, but there are some really bad ones too.

    That is so cute what Ryan said about Albany's picture.


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