Monday, May 18, 2009

Our 7 Year Anniversary: May 18, 2009

Holy cow.....married for seven years today! The NY weather is just like it was seven years ago - chilly, brisk, and windy minus the morning rainstorms. I guess I wasn't really focused on the number of years, until I got to work and the calendar said "7 years today :-D" from when I wrote it in back in January. As I thought about the day and the times we've been through since, I couldn't help smiling - each time I thought of it.

NOW, let me just say, the seven years have definitely not been all sunshine, roses, and fact, I can probably tally more notches in the tears column than the smiles column. We each have our fair share of faults (his being worse than mine of course....) that became more evident as things do when married, but we've managed to get through the tough times to a place where we both know we need to work on the issues that exist.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, we have had good laughs and communication and the bottom line is that we love each other and want to grow old together, and an anniversary is a perfect time to reflect on that love that started the trip down this life seven years ago.

And now for the lighter note.....we follow the Traditional Gift Guide for anniversary presents. My parents always did this, so I just started and hubby jumped on board. Seven is "copper / wool", so in a crunch with few ideas and a week looming deadline, I turned to Etsy Alchemy for help. What help I got!! For hubby, I got a copper pair of Seahorses from Nature Art Studio and had them dedicated on the back with "Mason and Jennifer.....a pair for seven years"

......and a copper guitar pick engraved with "7 years of lovely music" - it hasn't arrived yet so no picture, but I ordered it from Shama. I also found a wool coffee cozy and was disappointed to turn down the bid because hubby is not a coffee drinker, but when I told him about the idea, he said "I'll get it for you" so I excitedly contacted Wayside Violet to place an order. She was kind enough to embroider a "7" on it and she used copper thread!
Hubby also got me an orchid...he knows me so well......and I love him so much. :-D


  1. You made it through the "7 year itch"! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats. Your gifts are great. What fun to do the traditional ones.

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a great post & love the gifts that you've given!

  4. Happy anniversary! what great gifts! We always forget ours. Both of us. We got married November 4th. By December one of us remembers!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Great gifts!!

  6. Happy anniversary! Those are some lovely and thoughtful gifts. :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! And thanks so much for your wishes for hubby and me. 37 years does seem like a long time sometimes. LOL


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