Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm in a Treasury!! Thanks to Corr Creations...

I don't make it into very many Treasury groupings, but I am always psyched when I get that unexpected note saying someone thought something of mine was nice enough to be included! My Etsy friend at Corr Creations thought just that back in early April and I have been remiss in showing off her talent! I was only able to get 9 pics from the treasury - my PowerPoint wasn't working with me - but here they are with my chenille bears .

Corr Creations has many great quilts in her shop and adorable table runners, pot holders, and a personal favorite - a party banner!

Her blog is good too, so if you are interested in reading about her sewing, quilting, being a mom to two youngins', and living in upstate NY....check out Have You Seen My Dragon?

Adios Amigos....


  1. You're amazing, thanks soooooooo much ~ I feel like a rock star!

  2. I am a sucker for those pennant banners. So cute!

  3. Congrats. Its always so fun to be in a treasury. I haven't been in many either.


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