Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise! Purple Pansy

On our way out the door this afternoon to go to a friend's annual Crawfish Boil party, my husband called Ryan and I outside to point out a little pansy that started to grow out of the mortar in our brick staircase. I'm only used to weeds doing this so had I noticed the greenery before the bloom, I surely would have yanked the little sucker right out and tossed it into the bin. Since that didn't happen, we were pleasantly surprised with this little shower! The two pics try to give perspective on how little it is on our walkway, and then the close-up of its beauty....

If you've been following me for awhile, you know I love to garden. Back in April, my hubby went to Jacksonville, Florida to visit with my brother and his family, so Ryan and I had 3 days of 'girls days' - one of our activities was to plant some seeds. Here are some pictures of our peas starting to come up and the chives that returned. We also planted marigolds, snapdragons, and radishes - only the radishes have started growing.

We have this fragrant lilac bush in our backyard, but got gypped in the front yard because that lilac failed to bloom this year. You can see it in the pics of the purple pansy - lots of new growth, but not a single bud or flower.......Grrrrr. When I planted these back in 2002, I knew I'd have to wait a season or two to get flowers and sure enough, it was 2 years before the front budded and 3 before the back budded. Now, after a stellar spring 2008, the front one bailed on us. I have to check my gardening book if lilac tend to skip a season.....but I'm still irked.

I couldn't resist these multi-flowered planters (bought from Lowe's) that are sitting in front of our container blueberry bushes. I hope the blueberry bushes grow fast!!


  1. How cute is that little pansy! We have two containers of pansies out back. They are one of my favorite flowers! Lilac bushes out here bloom every year, but the season is very short. I think it's due to the heat and lack of humidity. That's my guess anyway. They require a lot of water here! I should post pics of my day lilies. They're already well over a foot tall!

  2. Hi- Loving your gardening pics.
    Thanks for checking out my blog. You asked about the yoga button. Here is the link so you can grab a button for your blog:

  3. awwww I'm in love with the little pansy!!

  4. I like your garden plants so far and the little pansy seedling is blooming too. What an effort that must have been.

  5. That is one determined pansy!! Lucky you didn't see it before it bloomed. We hope to plant the seeds in our garden today. Bedding plants will have to wait a while yet - still gets cold at night.
    Happy planting!!

  6. That tiny violet is the cutest thing. I love the lilacs too! Don't give up on them. Thanks so much for stopping in at Babasfarmlife and commenting. It means so much to me to know that someone actually reads it. Thank you!


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