Friday, January 16, 2009

One of my New Year's Resolutions: Blog

Sooooo here it is January 16th, and I've 'started' my blog. It is a step in the right direction, but the hard part will be keeping it up. And I know that. Finding the time for my small side sewing business that my mom and I started 5 years ago is difficult enough when I'm spread thin between my full-time job, 2.5 YO daughter, small house by the beach, husband, and dog.

But - I am an accomplished woman! I know there is more time to squeeze out of the 24 daily hours! I can do this! I will just have to give up more sleep.....or take shorter showers....or make the most of the time I walk to and from the train. I mean, just walking seems like such a 'waste' of time, surely I can be multi-tasking then too. ;-)

I'm committed to seeing how it goes. I know I will be proud of myself come December when I've got a whole year written on which to reflect.

A bit more about me - I'm 2 months into my 40s (scary thought because some days I still feel 27), still love 80s alternative music, but classic rock is what I listen to most of the time, we live 3 blocks from the Ocean and I head into NYC everyday for my daily grind. I love to garden and grow vegetables, but I give the tomatoes away (I have a weird aversion to the raw tomato). I thoroughly enjoy the side baby quilt sewing business my mom and I started, but doing craft fairs is getting to be a drag. Another resolution for 2009 is how to get the business going outside of the fair-world, but maybe that will be my topic for tomorrow.....

I'm already thinking about other stuff to write about - and excited at the possibilities of this venture. I'd love to hear from you if you've read this - just so that I'll know someone has seen it. If not - that's OK too.


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  1. Great start! I like your comment about walking being such a *waste* of time..too funny.


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