Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 3 Transfer

This post will be a little 'off-topic', but it is weighing on my mind. For those of you that struggle (d) with infertility, or know someone who is (has), it is a trying time of life. What once was going about with a daily routine, suddenly becomes transformed into two-week pockets....the two-weeks waiting to try and the two weeks waiting to see if it worked. It is hard to keep ones mind off this cycle. We tried for 2 years and 11 months with and without medical help. The last 11 months were the 'easiest' because I had come to the realization that it wasn't going to happen for us. After all failed medical treatments, we naturally conceived and were in utter disbelief.

Our second time around has been alot easier. After trying again for 2 years and discovering that both tubes are blocked, we toyed with the idea of another medical procedure. We decided to give it a go, since we know it won't happen any other way. Even though we are each in our early 40s now, we'd regret not taking one final try. So here we are at our swan-song - today is our day 3 transfer. We're hopeful, but realistic. I take it as a good sign that today is the 21st and our daughter was born on the 21st.

We've gotten rid of all the left-over medication and I put my fertility monitor on Ebay. I have to say, how liberating! Regardless of the result, we are blessed with what we have and thank our lucky stars. Please keep us in your thoughts - and all those you know that go through this experience. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.


  1. I'll try to send some good juju your way.

    Love your shop! Have a nephew due in June and will keep you in mind for a shower gift.

  2. I'll take all I can get - Thank you. :-)

    I'm always here for a baby gift- thanks for thinking of us.

  3. Thanks for your recent comment! I pray that you get the desired results from this transfer.


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