Sunday, January 25, 2009

Additional Flannel Quilt

The customer came to pick up the order yesterday and I'm happy to report she loved the gift! My mom gave me our Winnie-the-Pooh flannel quilt 'just to show her'. I decided not to because I felt she already placed such a big order and I didn't want to be 'salesy'. It was folded back-side out so I took it from the bag and put it on the table. She said "what is that?" so I explained and showed it to her. You know what? She thought it was adorable and bought it too! I almost fell on the floor. She will give it as the gift once the baby is born. I think she will become a regular customer, as some people who have seen our work in person, do. I'm glad I took pictures of it a few days ago because I thought of posting it to Etsy - now I don't have to.

As for the custom chenille quilt order for a girl, I have cut all the chenille squares and of the 12 squares needed, I have 6 different chenille patterns with which to use. It should be a good mix.


  1. That's great! That sounds like something my mom would want me to do too. I'd probably do what you did. Maybe we should just listen to our moms more.

  2. If I had a nickel for each time I should've listened to my mom....

  3. Well, I'm sure our children will ignore us too. My seven year old has been rolling his eyes at me since he was four.


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