Saturday, March 9, 2013

Recycling Bottles and Fun Wine Cork Projects!

Over on "Sweet Greens" blog, author Jennie Lyon posted an entry with five fun things to do with wine corks.  Since my mom has a big jug of corks at her house, and I really liked her "monogram" idea, I'm linking to her post so I will always have it for reference!  Hope you go check it out too....

I haven't posted how I'm doing with using up my products and potions.....just so I don't loose track, here is where I'm at:

Large Bottles: 6
Hotel bottles: 9
Samples:  3
Thread Spools: 1

My cabinets and drawers in the bathroom are already feeling "lighter"!
(( I found the picture of the wine corks through Google search and link to Wikipedia))

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