Sunday, March 10, 2013

3-10-13: Sewing Progress

Mainly pictures this post since today will be a running-around day!  I did my first jelly roll "Race Quilt" in the "Loulouthi" fabrics (it was the only jelly roll I had on-hand).  I have seen entries of ladies finishing the quilt top in 35-40 minutes, so I timed myself.  I took 1 hour 15 minutes to finish this top, so I was happy with that time!  I first laid out all the strips in the end-to-end placement:
And the finished top ended up this way:

Mr. Olive really liked the result!  In addition, I bought borders and back fabric for a vintage feedsack quilt.  I wanted to finish it up, but my batting wasn't big enough.  I'm going to pick up batting today to get this one done next weekend:

I love love how it looks!  The back fabric is a bright orange, yellow, and cream floral.

I also got two new tote bags completed and posted to Etsy:

This is the first time I've used fabric with a black base.  I treated each side with Scotchguard.

I'm part-way through another quilt top, but not sure I'll get it done today...if so, I'll add pictures!

Happy Sunday!


  1. really nice looking bags

  2. Great post! You have inspired me to get going on beach stuff for the summer!


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