Sunday, March 24, 2013

3-24-13: Update that is Short and Sweet

Since Thursday night, I have been sidelined for a second time this winter season with some virus.  Today is my first day fever-free, but after spending a congested sleepless night, I still feel like crap.  To compound, Mr. Olive has been working all day, which is GREAT, but not so much when I'm not feeling 100%.  Little Olive is past her week-long fever.  I have been dying to make a black and white quilt top so the fastest I could do was the race quilt because I wasn't sure when I was going to hit-the-wall.  This is the fifteenth quilt top I've completed since the beginning of the year!  I'm so proud of myself!  :-)  I still have some fabric to sew-up, but I'm definitely past the half-way point.  This is Riley Blake's "Tuxedo" is the race quilt pattern:

Will be consulting with my partner as to border color - do we go with a pop of color? Red? Yellow? Green? Thoughts?  Happy Sunday!

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  1. Oh wow, this is gorgeous! I'm a big fan of color, but black and white have always caught my eye when they're paired together too. I think red looks great with black and white. In fact, those three colors are what I wore when I got married!

    I hope you're feeling better! Have a warm cup of mint tea and enjoy the weekend. :-)


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