Sunday, March 17, 2013

3-17-13: Happy St. Patricks Day!

St. Patrick's Day!  I'm not Irish, but Mr. Olive's family is, so Little Olive is too.  I like to celebrate all holidays, but completely forgot to wear green today.  Sigh.  And I am too lazy to change.  For my weekend sewing accomplishments, I finished another lap quilt / throw quilt in Kate Spain's "Serenade" fabric line by MODA fabrics.  It is full of "woodsy" colors like burnt orange, slate blue, gray, browns, mustard yellow, but then has a twist of purple:
I am thinking to border it in an orange and then back and bind in a tan.  I'll have to see what my partner Mother Olive has to say on the subject!  Here is the beginning of the matching pillow sham, which will have borders and back to match the quilt:
Today, I put together a crib-quilt size top in Urban Chicks fabric line "Dream On" by MODA fabrics.  If this doesn't say "Spring Flowers" I don't know what does......such soft colors.  Here in Long Beach, March is still "like a lion" as we await "the lamb" and warmer temperatures:

I finished two medium sized handbags in fabrics I bought for my beach totes.  I usually like to get the beach totes and matching handbags done at the same time, but since I don't think I'm going to post these to Etsy, I thought I'd show them off here instead.  The outsides is this wild hot pink, brown, orange, blue funky paisley:

and the reverse with a pocket is a brown, pink, green, white stripe:

I think these will sell at the spring fairs we are doing, so I'm saving myself the listings by just holding onto them.  BUT, by all means, if YOU like and would want one, just let me know!  :-)  One of the beach totes will have this little lady acting as a guardian angel......Little Olive drew her on the inside of the paisley fabric and I had to spray ScotchGuard on her so she lasts:
On another note, as I've mentioned before, I've been bringing an extra grocery store plastic bag when I walk the dog to pick up garbage.  As long as I'm walking, and have to wait, I can clean up a small part of the neighborhood.  I've decided to add my garbage count to my list, the latest of which is:

Large Bottles: 7
Hotel bottles: 11
Samples:  4
Thread Spools: 1

Grocery Bag Garbage: 8

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  1. Beautiful quilts and bags! Love Little Olive's drawing :) Sweet! And good for you for cleaning up the neighborhood a bit!


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