Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day - Full of Optimism

It's a new year - and a new decade - I'm full of optimism that this year will be a good one. Not that past years haven't been good, but I have alot of resolutions and goals as we leave the 2000s behind and enter the 2010s. While swimming in my head, I decided to get some down on 'paper'. So here we go...

1) Pare Down. Why do I have 4 drawers and shelves of sweathers? Do I really need 8 white shirts? And 70+ pairs of shoes? 6 bottles of bubble bath? We live in a smallish house - I should be able to weed-out just like I do in the garden. I can donate or toss. I can shop in my own closet. I can declutter the piles of magazines. I know I can do it!

2) BUDGET. No excuse on this one. I have the template set up, but it doesn't work if it's half-assed filled out. I'm resolving to get the situation clarified and on paper. Along with that, I will organize my investment statements and see where I can combine old 401ks to cut down on the paper. Hubby and I have decided to alot each other $100 cash a month to be spent however we choose. We have each put the cash into an envelope and at the end of the month, before we get our new $100, we'll see where we spent the former month's money. My pink envelope still has the crisp bill intact - he has already started chiseling away at his (but he has a nicotine habit and I do not - this habit is supposed to come from this mad money). Can't wait to see how we do!

3) Promote the Sewing Business. I have so many ideas for new items from stuffed toys, to dresses, to skirts, to quilt designs. The more immediate goal is to get a graphic designer to do our website. Anyone out there know someone who could help us?? PLEASE let me know! I'd like to scratch this off the list early on.

4) Read more books! Continuing with my resolution of two past years, but upping the ante just a teeny bit...I resolve to read 7 books this year. I hit my mark of 5 the first resolution year, and didn't count yet to see if I read 6 in 2009, but I want to read more.

5) Drink Water. I'm resolving to drink down the H20. I think there is some ungodly '8, 8oz. glasses a day' out there, which to me means a whole lot of bathroom time, but I'm sure I can make at least 2 glasses a day.

6) Run a 5K. I'm not a big exerciser, but I will run in the warm months. I'm not talking entering a race, but running the 3.1 miles. If it comes in race form? Great, but I'm not going to seek it out. Longer term, I'm hoping to do a 1/2 marathon by the time I'm 45. I know this has less chance of completion, but why not throw it out there?

What is in store for you this fine first day of a new decade??

(( The adorable dog pick with the fun 2010 Hat is courtesy of "I Lick You" Etsy shop ))


  1. Great post! I've very excited for the possibilities that 2010 hold!

    I usually keep spring/summer or fall/winter clothes in my closet at a time, so when it's time to change seasons, I try to clear out what I haven't worn. As I put the new season clothes in my closet I try to clear out more - any clothes that I don't think I'm going to wear or anything that doesn't fit now.

    Here's to a great 2010 and to accomplishing goals!!!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful 2010, filled with happiness, health and much love.
    good luck with the resolutions, I have some of my own that I hope to accomplish too.

  3. Happy New Year!!

    I might join you on

    1. Pare down.
    2. Budget
    5. Drink water.
    6. Run (or walk...whatever) a 5k


  4. Love the goals you set for yourself. I too, plan to weed out my closets, cabinets, etc, as well as promote my business. The biggie and toughest will be the Boilermaker, a 15K, race in Utica, NY. It's very famous and we get people from all over the world. It ends at the brewery where you then proceed to get drunk and try to forget the pain your body just went through to get you there ;-)

  5. Good luck with your resolutions!

  6. The dog pic is adorable! :D You know, I have to agree on the water. I definitely don't get close to 8 glasses a day. I suppose I'll join you too on that one!

  7. oh my goodness! look at you! and me! we're like. mirror images. except. only in the running part. well. in the book part, too.

    last year, i read 7 books too! (plus an additional 18).

    and. i'm running a 5k this year. maybe i'll run 3. yes.

    and. i've got my mind set on the princess 1/2 marathon - 2011 - disney world. that's next year. join me. word.


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