Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Movies: "Twilight" and "Marley & Me"

Both these books helped me reach my measely goal of reading 6 books in 2009.  It's no secret from my other posts that I did not like "Twilight", but I did enjoy "Marley & Me" - it is just a basic 'this is my life' story, but I found it well written and it kept my interest.  I knew I'd end up in tears, and I was right. 

I've always preferred reading the book instead of watching the movie, and most often opt not to bother with the movie, but with these two, I was curious to see how each translated to the big screen.  So upon a lucky trip to the library, both were in!  I quickly grabbed the cases and then went to look to make movie night the trifecta with "Mystic River", but no such luck.

Back at home, neither garnered interest from the hubby, in fact, he looked at me and said "did you actually think I'd want to watch these movies?"  Truth be told, NO I didn't, and that was fine by me, but I has to ask. :-)

I watched "Twilight" first and liked the movie much better than the book.  I thought Kristin Stewart played a good part - better than Rob Pattinson (?) as Edward - too much make-up made his face look strange.  Now I want to see "New Moon", but will trudge through the book first.  uugh.

"Marley & Me" was the next night.  I loved the Jennifer Aniston 'Jenny' and the Owen Wilson 'John' - a great paring.  Eric Dane and Alan Arkin made for great supporting roles.  But Marley - the dog they got was spot-on from the book.  I couldn't stop laughing at the obedience school scene - and hubby reminded me that I shouldn't wake the sleeping child! 

Any others care to chime in on these two?  Or other movie / book combos?


  1. well, since you mentioned books and movies, it reminded me of "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold, the movie is coming out on January 15. That was the first book I read in English, and I enjoyed it very much.

  2. JBH- Yes, I thought of "The Lovely Bones" - its been getting alot of coverage. I will likely wait for it on DVD instead of spending the $12 for a ticket, but looking forward to Rachel Weisz..I usually like her movies. :-)

  3. I've yet to read or see either, not so interested in the Twilight thing but Marley and Me sounds great. I was going to suggest The Lovely Bones as well. Another that I haven't seen but LOVED the book was The Other Boleyn Girl - it was a wow for me! Also My Sister's Keeper was an amazing book (tissue warning there). I have not seen the movie but have heard it is very much different (boo). I should definitely read more this year as well!

  4. Well I haven't seen either movie and the twilight series just doesn't interest me at all. Might have to see what's at the theater this weekend though and go to see something.


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