Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby Boys

It seems all the newborn babies I've heard of have been boys.  Three friends, a co-worker, two Etsy orders, and a random woman I happened to chat with who is shortly due, are all with the blue.  Here are the Etsy order gifts - a custom color chenille quilt followed by a pastel blue chenille teddy bear.
Now, I know of two more babies coming due - another co-worker and my sister - neither know what gender the lil tot will be.  My guesses are girl for the co-worker and boy for my sister....

In the meantime, I received another custom request (the teddy was the first I'd gotten! and I was so surprised!) from a guy in Georgia who'd like a large custom chenille quilt and matching pillow shams.  On top of that, the woman who bought my beach tote requested three of the same bag in different fabrics - and she sent me the fabric she wants.  I think I'll be quite busy this weekend!  I'll post some pics when I'm done.  Happy Friday!


  1. Wohoo! Happy Friday to you too! What awesome orders coming your way! Truly no surprise though ~ who could resist, you do such beautiful work!

  2. that teddy is adorable. right now on my list i have to make gifts for 3 boys, 1 girl. also. i'm soooo lazy. so. they may not get their gifts until they go to college. i hope i'm still around then.

  3. Thx Ilena - love the final result with chenille, but not the cutting and working. I'm a giant dustball.

    W- you crack me up....

  4. Lovely:) Have fun with all that sewing...I too have tons to do this weekend I better get started

  5. If my husband and I ever decide to go the family route, I know exactly where to go for custom baby items. Everything you make looks amazing! I kinda want a teddy bear for myself, but that's just because I've never completely grown out of my love for stuffed animals.

  6. Oooh...that teddy bear is so cute!!!!

    I'm excited to be your swap partner!!

  7. congrats on the custom orders. I have a scarf to make and so many other things... i crochet fast, but not fast enough when I think of all the things I'd like to do.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hellooooo!

    Can you sew me some sort of fertility doll? lol

    also, can you please come here and show me how to, like, turn my sewing machine on.

  9. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    If you would like to "grab" a button, just copy and paste the code into an HTML gadget on your blog!
    Thanks so much again!

  10. muppet- hope you have no need for a doll!


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