Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day + Custom Bag Order + January Budget Results

Happy Groundhog Day!  So from Puxatawny Phil (I know I misspelled that name) we have 6 more weeks of Winter....from Staten Island "Sam" (because I cannot remember his name) we have an early Spring.  Tonight we're to get 1-2" of snow....I really hope it comes.  I feel the need to walk in the white!

I think I mentioned that the woman who bought my reversible beach tote, requested I make the same bag in fabric she supplied.  I needed to get one down to Florida for a gift by this upcoming weekend, and it is in the mail.  I made two in this fabulous pink, green, and tan swirly-paisley, so one goes to her for another gift along with a to-be-finished tote to follow.  

Now......I wrote about the BUDGET New Years Resolution.  Mr. Olive and I each had $100 to spend however we chose in January- instead of whipping out the charge card whenever something crossed our eye.  We were trying to be better with our spending, which can get out of hand, so this way we had to be cognizant that the $100 was all we had for ourself for the month.  I didn't think I would make it, but I did, and it wasn't THAT BAD.  To get the $100 each for February, we had to sit and go over how we spent our January $100.  Mr Olive?  I told you he has a nicotine habit and he spent $60 on that plus $10 on iTunes.   EXTRA - He had extra!!  I actually spent all mine with 8 days left in the month, but look what I got....

Beige embroidered shirt - Garnet Hill $40........Summer blue and black print shirt - Wal-Mart $14 (YES - I actually bought my first piece of clothing at the WM! crazy, but I really liked it)......Beige suede with brown leather trim mary-jane shoes by Naturalizer and black heals by Aerosoles 2 - Kohl's and each was super-sale at $9 each (crazy!!).......Green shiny snap-wallet by Mossimo - Target $7......and "Picture Perfect" DVD at KMart (a night waiting for the train in Penn Station) for $5.  I also spent $15 on iTunes - I had to download the unearthed APB album - the baseline in "Shoot You Down" rocks.

So, I have my new February hundred - and I'm not running out to spend it - the restraint of the end of January set in, but I also haven't seen many new summer sandals yet. :-0


  1. love the bag!!!
    your purchases are great too!

  2. You may have spent more than Mr. Olive but you certainly got some great goods! Sounds like a really fun way to budget money.

    btw ~ the totes look great!

  3. love the bags!

    garnet hill catalog is fun to go through, isn't it?


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