Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long Beach Polar Bear Club

On Superbowl Sunday, the Long Beach Polar Bear Club makes it annual splash into the Atlantic Ocean. We've been in LB for almost 7 years - we decided to check it out first hand. It was a mild, sunny day with no wind to speak of (unusual for LB) - temps in the upper 30s. The ritual has expanded into an 'event' - there was a bandstand, cameras, helicopters, two police and rescue boats (I'm sure these are there every year). The group was trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by having at least 350 people in the water at one time. I'm not sure there was photographic evidence of all being in the water at one time, but there sure were more than 350 people jumping into the February temperatures of the Ocean!! Ryan, my 2.5 YO, stated..."I want to get naked and jump in the Ocean"! She settled for removing our shoes and socks and running in that way. It was a beautiful day and very cold water. I have to say, it was cool to watch, but I wasn't inspired whatsoever to join them next year.

Here is the link to the Long Beach Polar Bear Club:

BEATS RECORD! And pictures linked to the article - Congrats to the Polar Bear Club!,0,4575826.story


  1. How cute is Ryan! She knew where the party was.

    I'm sorry about your disappointing day. Your in my thoughts.

  2. Oh wow those are brave brave people I have to say! I live in Long Beach, CA. LOL. Did a double take when I saw where you live :).

  3. I'm cold just thinking that! I thought the same thing as Rose and was wondering what the big deal was - the water's not that cold there!

  4. Ha ha - We're the East coast Long Beach! If I were in LB, CA, I may have gone in. :-)


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