Sunday, February 8, 2009

ETSY: "If I Had a Hammer" Jewelry Shop

With the beautiful weather we had in New York this weekend, I began to think of Spring. I know it is too early to get my hopes up, but the air smelled so fresh and the sun was so warm on my face. I thought about all my little tulip and daffodil bulbs that 'may' be getting ready to come out of hibernation. I know Winter is not over and we will have more arctic blasts, but for the mild temps to hit over a weekend, it was a perfect jump-starter.

On that note, and since I love flowers and gardening, I wanted to post these beauties from the Etsy shop "If I Had a Hammer"....

Here is the link to the earrings:


  1. What a beautiful intro! I just throw stuff up and type "Love it!" Thanks so much for the feature!


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