Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st...NY Resolution and New Owl Pillows

June and July quickly rolled by.....the outlook for August seems more of the same.  What to do to slow it down?

Back in January, when there was snow on the ground, I noted some of my New Years Resolutions.  One being "pare down" - i.e. eat out of the pantry before buying more; use up products before buying more.  My update is long overdue to those that care to know how we're doing....but there is noticeable progress (there had better be!) after 7 months.  Our pantry looks awesome!  We didn't necessarily EAT all that was in there - I found mustard with an expiration date in 2004 - and I couldn't bring myself to just toss it, like a normal person would do, but I was curious to what 6-year-old mustard would smell like.  So yes I did - I opened it.  I was thoroughly satisfied that it had turned and passed-up spreading it on my turkey sandwich.  It hit the can.  Likewise, in out bathroom, old mascara and make-up samples found the can, and the stockpile of shampoo and conditioner and soap is significantly used up, the result of purchases like "oh - it is on sale - I should buy it now" got way out of hand.  I also didn't think twice about tossing a shampoo that I didn't like after a week - If the natural seaweed formula wasn't making my hair silky-soft and I felt like there was no lather / cleaning going on, kaput, out it went. 

So as a bonus to myself for being so good, and the fact that I couldn't stand so many months without a product-purchase, I treated myself to the Burt's Bees grab-bag.  The cost? $25 and the deal is that you get about $50 worth of goodies.  I know - will I ever learn?  This is the shampoo story all over again.  But I was so excited when it arrived I actually took pictures!  :-)  BTW, that is a pumice stone, which Mr. Olive will be thrilled to have when I have him scrub my feeties.
We sold all our little owl pillows, so some fresh stock for the Ocean Beach Fair and to our newly-redesigned website,  What do you think of these guys??

Happy August 1st!


  1. Hehehe...the owls look so ANGRY! Adorable. :-)

    And HOORAY for eating down the pantry! Doesn't it just feel GOOD??

  2. Congrats on successfully addressing one of your resolutions! That's pretty huge, considering most people drop them after a month at most. You've got me wanting to buy a Burt's Bees grab bag too! Everything looks so alluring, and I love their products.

    Happy August 1st to you too!

  3. what a wonderful idea for a ny-resolution & congrats to keeping up with it! :D love the pillows & that grab bag is amazing!

  4. way to go! I went through my pantry last week and had to force my self to get rid of the expired cans of peas. (They were ancient! I haven't bought canned peas in 5 years!) Also, sometimes people clean out there pantry and give me what they don't want... Sometimes I don't want it and it just sits for another few years before i get rid of it. Maybe i should suggest a food pantry to those good natured people giving me their canned goods.

  5. Good job on the New Years resolution success! It can be such a challenge to pair things down and actually use what you have on hand.

    Oh, and those owls are super cute : )


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