Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Stella & Dot" Jewelry....

While my SIL was on her family summer visit, she decided to do a Trunk Show of "Stella & Dot" jewelry, for which she is a stylist.  I really liked alot of the pieces, so I ordered a few.  I figured, I'd support her show and get myself some cool new pieces for work.  So a few days later my two necklaces and earrings arrived(everything is directly shipped to the buyer's home - awesome!!).  I am thrilled with the pieces - the quality is much more than I expected and I feel these will be with my for many moons to come.

While I'm much better with the sewing machine than actual 'face-to-face' sales, I decided to register myself as a "Stella & Dot" Stylist - in case I can introduce someone else to this fabulous jewelry company - so feel free to poke around the website through this link: or go to and where it asked for your stylist, if you'd be so kind as to enter my name, Jennifer Hicks, I'd be happier than a clam in the bay!  :-)

Who knows?  Maybe you'll find something you want to treat yourself to after a hard day or week or month...Here are some of my favorites:

Avery Necklace:

Baby Flower Earrings and Bracelet:

Starfish Earrings:
Stella Vintage Bracelet:
Sophia Cluster bracelet (on sale too!!):
Cosa Wrap Bracelet:
Rachel Necklace:


  1. You have really great taste! LOVE those favorites :)
    Not much of a jewelry wearer though - it has to be 14K gold or I get a rash.

  2. i've not heard of stella and dot until now. i've got to check them out. love that baby bracelet. and the starfish earrings are amazing.

  3. oh my gosh. the natasha embroidered bib necklace. i absolutely love it. i can't stop looking at it!

  4. too bad. But fun to look at huh?

    W - I have the starfish brooch on the green-beaded necklace. I may have to go for the earrings too. I am always skeptical of quality, but have to say, these pieces are fantastic. Treat yourself to that Natasha!! :-)

  5. How exciting to enter a new business venture! Some of this stuff is just my style, like the Cosa Wrap Bracelet. Good luck with the new endeavor!

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I actually did come to your blog looking for a button, but I must have looked right past it because I remember being sad that I couldn't find anything. I must be blind as a bat! No worries though, you're there now. ;-)

  6. Hollyrocks- TU for the blog button!! I'll go check it out. :-)

    And that bracelet - it is great - I'd highly recommend it.


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