Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June - Where did it go?

June is now gone and I don't even feel like I had those 30-days.  But, I know we did since I went to my college reunion at the beginning of the month and Little Olive turned a big 4 years old at the end of the month.  The days in between were spent working, cleaning, sewing for the Fair Harbor Pine Walk Fair.  Oh, and battling doctors as Little Olive didn't want the Pixo she put in her ear to come out (3 visits later, it is out).

We did a home birthday party for her on her actual day, followed by a "Birthday BBQ" which was really more for the adults to hang out and let the kiddos play in the water table.  As Mr. Olive likes to say, the day of the BBQ was "hotter than snot" - there was zero breeze - and that is unusual for living three blocks from the Ocean. 
She had an Oreo cake, which was delicious, and then a bunch of presents to open.  I ordered the afghan from the talented Alessandra of Just Be Happy!  Little Olive wanted a bunch of colors and then put together with "pink".  She and I absolutely love the result - although as you can see from the pics, Little Olive was more interested in the cool piggy amiguri Alessandra included.  Our nanny wanted to bring Piggy home with her one night to show a friend, and Little Olive flat-out refused to let it out of her sight! 

Little Olive's Florida family sent her a Princess Pack of gloves, necklace, bracelet, ring, and can bet she loved it because she loves the Princesses!  :-)

Stay cool..........July is starting out hot-and-no-rain.....


  1. I am so happy to see that she likes the afghan and the little piggy, I think they go great together.
    I hope you feel better, I am trying to feel better aswell. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, it's not easy.
    You're on my prayers.

  2. Happy Birthday to her!!!

    This whole summer is flying by for me. I thought it would drag, because it is my first summer to work in several years. It hasn't though.

  3. how cute! I love the "outfit" in the last pic! She looks very glamorous in her gloves, pearls, and undies!

  4. Looks like she had a great birthday:)The pictures crack me up, she looks like my little Lizzy, who is always in just underwear, Ariel is her favorite.

  5. June did fly by! Happy Birthday to little olive!
    Plus, your blog is looking great!

  6. Your Little Olive is so adorable! I'm glad she had such a wonderful birthday with loved ones and neat presents. I hope you're enjoying summer, no matter how scorching hot and sticky it may be.


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