Saturday, June 12, 2010

College Reunion and New Bags

I always think there are endless hours to the day, but once the nice weather starts up and we can get outside, I find the calendar quickly fills and some stuff just falls off the list (cleaning, laundering, and blogging - oh my!).  We've been to some birthday parties, weekends away, a nursery school spring concert and moving up day, hosted and attended BBQs, and the other big time-suck, going to work.

Last weekend was my college reunion in central Pennsylvania.  We brought Little Olive since she is 3, and other friends who had children later in life also brought their tots.  I didn't seem to find enough time on this weekend to truly catch-up with college friends - said good HELLOS - but then I got home and said "I wonder if so-and-so is still doing blah-blah".  Good to see campus again - so many changes!  Students get air-conditioned dorms now??

Little Olive (left) and friend Fi on campus:

Sewing Business:  Had some good sales with the reversible totes, custom-order quilts, and baby boy flannel quilts.  Here are some pics of the finished new bags....

Happy Saturday!! 


  1. I hear you about there not being enough time.

    That is good that you were able to take your little girl to your reunion. My 10 year high school reunion will be next year.

    How is it going with the adoption agency in OK.

  2. Wow you have been busy. The bags are so lovely:) Glad you are having success. And little olive is so adorable.

  3. i really like that first bag.

    dude. a college reunion? i can't even remember what year i graduated.

  4. yay for the bags! they look great. & that photo of olive and friend is adorable :)

  5. Sounds like mostly fun time suck which is good! love the totes, i can see why they sell!

  6. Ugh where does the time go?! I totally feel you on that. It's good to keep yourself busy when you're doing fun things though.

    I guess you could say I collect tote bags (you can never have too many!), and I am loving the ones you make. The fabrics are so pretty!


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