Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Night Question: Towels - When to toss?

I was thinking of trying to do a regular Saturday night post since we're now old, don't have plans like we used to on Saturday nights, and usually at home. Plus, we find it hard to keep our eyes open past 10pm. So to add to our busy schedule, I thought maybe there are others home surfing the blogs when the kiddies are in bed? and if so.....I'd REALLY like to hear your thoughts on this pressing question:

Towel there some secret trick to getting our towels to smell better? Don't have problems washing clothes, but do you ever wash towels, throw in the dryer with a dryer-sheet....only to get out of the shower to find the towel STINKS?? Does anyone have a secret on keeping towels smelling fresh? OR....when do I actually throw in the towel????


  1. Hey I am at home on Sat night too. We have been running all week though, and I am glad to have a night at home.

    I have learned only to buy white towels, so I can bleach them. That is the only way I have found to keep them smelling great.

  2. Great question... and I'm not sure I know the answer.
    Isn't it funny how we hold on to things like towels, even when they are not smelling the best!

    I need to learn how to "throw in the towel" myself! Enjoy your Sunday evening!

  3. dry them real well. then. when you fold them, add in 1/2 dryer sheet between the towels. that's my secret.

    i do this for my towels. *my* towels. not the guest towels. mainly because i want my towels to stink so that my guests will leave sooner than later. word.

  4. Maybe put a nice scented sachet in the space where you store your towels. Or you can put a drop or two of essential oil in the water of the washing machine when you are laundering your towels. It works well for bedding too, especially with oils like lavender- so relaxing! I would only recommend using essential oils though, and only a small amount. Fragrance oils might irritate your skin.

  5. My hubs is a MASTER at laundry...funny, I know, since he's a big hunk of a guy with lots of tattoos. :)

    But, he says if yer laundry is smelly then it either sat in the washer wet for too long or mabie where you are storing it isn't fresh. So, I'd check that out, give your storage a good cleaning and pop some top quality dryer sheet sachets in there.

    He puts a bit of vinegar in with the laundry water, uses the liquid fabric softener that you put in during the wash AND a dryer sheet of the same brand/scent. He also only uses the name brand detergents & sheets cuz the smell is much more fragrant and lasts longer.

    Hope this helps...and even though we don't yet have kiddos, we stay home most Saturday's now too since we bought a house...Oh, and I forgot, we're 'old' now too. LOL

    I'm just glad to hear that we're not the only one's 'browsing' the net on a Saturday night.

    p.s. I just read that using the word "Surfing" the web is OUT amongst the younger set...we should now use the term "Browsing" only. Who knew!?!? :)



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