Saturday, August 1, 2009

Glass Bead Earrings.....

I made a few earrings because I saw these green glass beads and couldn't live without them. I posted to the shop and within 24 hours, they sold. That was back in the winter. Imagine my surprise when in July, the woman who bought loved them so much she asked if I could make the same style in other colors. She wanted blues, but bought all three. Made my day!


  1. What cute earrings! Very summery :)

  2. You need to pursue that and see what the rest of the market will bear. When something good works then pursue it. LOL Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting there about my molting blue Jay.

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  3. Those are very pretty, so I can understand why your customer wanted multiple pairs. I love the photograph of them laying on the top of a foot, that is so cute!

  4. Super cute earrigs! Love the foot shot as well. How cool about the multiple order!

  5. I love those beads!! Very cute!


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